Throughout time, the idea of the celebrity has been a strong ideology in popular culture. According to the American Heritage Dictionary (, the word celebrity means someone who is famous, and is renowned for their various talents. For the most part (disregarding "Big Brother" celebrities, people famous for a name's sake; Paris Hilton for example and the ever popular WAG culture in the UK), the celebrity is still someone renowned for their talents, and your huge stars are those who excel in acting,... continue reading

The recent death of Philip Hoffman by a suspected drug overdose has once again highlighted how lethal the combination of fame and drugs can be and hig...

The tasteless MJ Jokes started the very day after he died. "The autopsy determined the cause of Michael Jackson's death - he died from food poisoning...

How important the star system is as a useful campaign tool to get their respective candidates into the White House, come the election on November 4th.

A humorous and insightful look at obesity. What causes it. What Doesn't. Who's to blame.

Diet regimes come and go faster than the latest catwalk trends but why isn’t there simply a one size fits all diet?

In the race to see which celebrity can cash in the fastest, department and specialty stores are bombarded with the newest celebrity craze—original sce...

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