Ignorance Inc. column

Column by John Turner
Stupid criminals. Dumber cops. Crooked politicians, idiot CEO's, insane rock stars, worthless everyday folk......no one's safe here. Every week, we'll glimpse into a ludicrous corner of the universe and remind ourselves that hey, it could always be worse.
Ignorance Inc. - The HALFTIME FLUSH Phenomenon
Last Thursday night, I fell asleep with my TV on, which my extremely non-lonely bachelor status allows me to do...every night. One of those all-night news networks was on. You know, the ones that play the same six or eight stories in a loop for like ..read on

The 2012 Nightmare
TOPEKA, KS (Nov. 5, 2012) – All Ed Martin wants to do is go home and milk his cows. A dairy farmer from the nearby town of Westmoreland, Ed has traveled to the Kansas capital to prepare for tomorrow's presidential election – the tightest race in mem..read on

Eye on Ignorance, Pt. 1
Let's face it, no matter how sensitive we think we all are these days with our PC language and diversity training and such, we all love to read about stupidity and ignorance. Why do you think the Darwin Awards are so wildly popular? Oh, we hide behin..read on

P.A.S.T.O.R. program allows convicted priests to teach Sex Ed
BROOKLYN, NY (Nov. 8)–Billy Green is confused. The 15-year-old Clara Barton High School freshman doesn't know who to ask for a date: Ashley, the cute blonde in his third-period Biology class . . . or his best friend Mark.   Billy, who has bee..read on


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