Running Your Own Business column

Column by Dave Foreman

Running your own business - Part one
[pic1] I ran my own business for thirty years (still am) and I’ve learned a lot. Some of it by making mistakes, some of it by osmosis and some from the advice of friends and consultants. I’m presenting this article to you in the hope that: on

Running your own business - Part Two
Last time we talked about picking your market segments. Finding the market segment you want to approach is not difficult but deciding how to approach it can be a daunting task. How many times have you seen a grocery store advertise “Fresh on

Running Your Own Business - Part 3
This segment is about advertising. Before launching into an ad program that has been put together by ad salespeople, you have to deal with a few very important issues. The most important is realizing what business you are in. Sounds simple on

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