Necessary Roughness column

Column by Trace Hacquard
"Necessary Roughness" is a look at life through the mind of a young, disgruntled pseudo-intellectual who finds himself knee-deep in insanity in most situations. "Roughness" looks at the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics and finds where the lines that separate become blurred.
Snow Just A Four Letter Word
    Does anyone disagree that the most interesting part of Valentine's Day is that it marks the anniversary of a massacre involving Al Capone?   Of course, some of you will disagree; it was a rhetorical question. But those of you on

Great Drinking Songs (Will Neil Young Remember?)
"Every phase comes to an end, or else it wouldn't be a phase." I said that. Some people may think that it's a bit conceited to quote oneself, but in this case, I'm going to have to disagree. I just happen to know a good quote when I see (or on

Caesar, Bono, And A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Rod Stewart once claimed that, "the first cut is the deepest." Well, I completely disagree with Rod. However, I couldn't remove those lyrics from my head during the dreary days of mid-March.   I have a feeling that Julius Caesar, looking on

Meet The Stress:The Politics of Nostalgia
Before people were fainting at Barack Obama rallies, I was sent to Springfield, Illinois to cover the announcement of his candidacy on a bone-chilling February morning. Pains than come with sub-zero temperatures were replaced by chills of hope as on

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