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Column by Melissa Gentile

Breathe Yourself Silly
Countless are the times I have heard the phrase, “Take a deep breath.” Before a big test, during a competitive sporting event, or even while sitting in traffic I have heard these words being uttered by someone (if not by my own interior monologue). ..read on

Where Have all the Cashiers Gone?
People have become quite fanatical with “saving time” these days. In a society where the average American juggles a job (or two) along with a family, a hobby and a social life, we yearn for extra minutes, even hours in the day. What would we do with ..read on

Dirty Bird or Resourceful Mortal?
Dirty Bird or Resourceful Mortal? My childhood was filled with wonder and reverence for every sagging fern to every wise old tree. This is because my parents, both city kids, decided to start a family in the country. I had the privilege of growing up..read on

Confessions of a Teacher
[pic1] At this time of the year, in the high school where I've taught for some time, lockers are emptied and final exams administered. Yearbooks are signed and there are plenty of goodbyes. Commencements commence and students and teachers alike look..read on

Be Super with Food
How wonderful it would be if there were mega-heroes like Superman or the Fantastic Four to fortify our lives and communities with their greatness! But since this is only possible in the movies, each person who wants to live the best life possible is ..read on

Befriend a Book
In the English alphabet there are 26 letters, an assortment of vowels and consonants that make up the more than 180,000 entries in The Oxford English Dictionary. Yet these days, growing numbers of people seem to be more fascinated with a mere few let..read on

Super Foods: The Sequel
Continue to maintain your superhero status with even more edible wonders, including an orange wonder, rainbow-colored morsels, and some seriously healthy seeds. How sweet! Butternut squash joins the all-stars of healthy foods. If you like yams or p..read on


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