Writer Bios – who are they?

Reece Pocock

I live in Adelaide South Australia with my wife Marilyn. My son lives not far away with his wife and three gorgeous granddaughters. I am currently employed as a finance broker and find as much time to write as I can.

After many years of working, having a family, community and military service, I thought I had a story to tell. In preparation, I studied and now hold an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing).

I began writing fiction and have two novels in various stages of completion. I’ve written two screenplays but found it hard to interest a producer. I’ve written many short stories and some of them have been published by cheers.

The most success I’ve had as a writer is in writing articles. Besides Cheers I have had many published and found them much easier to write than fiction. I enjoy writing for Cheers because it gives me an outlet for my articles and stories. In addition, I like to read the articles because it gives me a worldwide view of what is important to other people.

I like to write about the quirky aspects of politics and sometimes lifestyle and the really silly things that politicians do. I still want to continue with my novels and screenplays and other articles besides Cheers.

SA Writer's Centre since 1998
Grace Emily Writer's Group
Australian Writer’s Guild

Julian I. Taber, Ph.D.

Julian I. Taber is a retired clinical psychologist who published in professional journals and on the Internet.

He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh and taught at several universities and colleges. Taber specialized in treating addictions and was one of the first mental health professionals to work with pathological gamblers.

He earned two national awards for this work. His first book, Learning and Programmed Instruction, was published by Addison-Wesley. His next book, In the Shadow of Chance, was privately published by members of Gamblers Anonymous. Distributed by the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, it is used in counselor training workshops. He is author of Poems for the Rest of Us, a poetry chapbook and has been writing for The Cheers for over a year.

His collection of Cheers articles under the title Addictions Anonymous will be published in 2008 with the title Outgrowing Addiction.

Taber likes to write documented opinion pieces on current and controversial topics. Poetry, fictional novellas, and creative nonfiction are also favorites. The best feature of The Cheers is the huge variety of writers and topics, a truly international journal of our times and our lives.

Lue Deck

Nominated for The Peabody Award for Poor Lue's Almanack-2003. Quoted by NY Times, Washington Post and L.A. Times.

Holds World's record for performing stand-up in 1000 cities in 10 years!

Published The History of The Comedy Store-1988

Special interests: Comedy, Out of body travel, Chess, Aural analysis, and BS-ing anyone who reads this far!

Thanks, muchas gracias, merci, spacebo, Pallun!, toda rabah!

Mark Jabo

Mark Jabo is a writer, comic and financial consultant who spends time in Florida, New York and Maryland. Originally from Philadelphia, Mark has lived and worked all over the world including Tokyo, London and Australia.

He was a founding member of The Comics Roundtable, a writing and performance group headed by Emmy-award winning comic Paul Wagner.

Mark is a contributing writer at DailyComedy.com (http://www.dailycomedy.com/mark_jabo/home/) and contributed two essays to America’s Funniest Humor - Book 2.

His short stories have been featured on the Apollo’s Lyre and Long Story Short websites–both sites have been honored by Writer’s Digest as among the “101 Best Writing Sites.”

Column: His column Heads or Tales is a weekly column randomly updated blog that brings an amusing, if slightly cynical, perspective to world events. The column blog takes particular delight in skewering the pompous and championing the clever. Sure, the column blog has a problem with authority . . . but at least it has a sense of humor about it.

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