Why write for The Cheers?

TheCheers team is put together of professional journalists, experts in specific fields of knowledge, talented writers, great comedians, and our Editorial staff. The magazine opens the door for anyone to see their name in print. It gives the opportunity to be published, while allowing them to build their portfolio and improve their writing skills at the same time. Click here to go directly to the bios of a few of our writers.

Everyone has different reasons for writing for The Cheers magazine, a different motivation for working with us. During the years TheCheers has been alive we have learned that there's more interest from writers towards something like this than you could imagine. Why? You might like the chance to be published; you might like fast responses; you might like our friendly team; or you might like the chance to get your name out there.

We are looking for interesting individuals with different styles and stories to offer, and we welcome diverse, and controversial, topics.

We offer you:
• The chance to express your views and opinions freely, independent of how you feel about things.
• The possibility to grow together with an evolving magazine.
• The right to make yourself a name with the help of our magazine
• Discussion on an amicable basis.
• The reason to freshen up your writing skills and share your knowledge with the world.
• The motivation to help us promote the magazine and your articles
• Individual promotion to our best articles
• Tips & tricks on becoming a better writer

The Cheers is a volunteer based magazine with writers and editors from around the world. Our readership for articles and news combined is around 50 000 - 100 000 per month and it is growing rapidly. Click here to join our friendly international team of writers and get your name out there!