Content - What to write about

We publish articles in many genres, on many different topics. Being an online magazine allows a huge variety articles. The keyword when talking about TheCheers is variety - variety in all, writers, locations, topics, or genres. This makes us unique. There is one main requirement for all articles - they need to create attention.

- politics
- opinion
- technology
- entertainment
- music reviews (of unsigned artists)
- news
- business
- sports

These are the main sections for which we are currently looking for more writers. However, even UFO, science, green living and many other topics are of great interest to us. If you can put together creative, well-written, well-researched content, we will use it.

Additionally, there are articles on certain “keywords” we are always looking for. These are the controversy and scandals! While not being the main feature of TheCheers, they attract a very high number of readers, and thus increase both yours and our exposure online.

We are also bringing 24/7 news to the readers and we are looking for more news writers as well as dedicated News Editor.

The Cheers also supports unsigned musicians. We attempt to give them a helping hand with reviews and promotion as much as possible. If you are interested in becoming a music reviewer for The Cheers magazine, be sure to submit your application.