In the beginning…

It was a cold winter’s night and Siim Einfeldt sat in a pub, somewhere in Northern Europe, in a small town-like country with just 1.4 million inhabitants. The small town-like country is called Estonia. Being a journalism student at a local university, he used to get together with his course-mates at the pub.

People tend to talk while drinking, and during one discussion (knowing Siim it was totally unrelated to the upcoming topic) Siim asked why everyone always talked about money when discussing ideas of a possible new media publication. The debate on this topic went on until it was obvious it was impossible to prove his point without any actual example. So he started working on a concept he was sure would work.

Siim had the programming skills needed and he knew that if he didn’t know enough, he could always take advantage of the product created in a dorm room. This product is pretty much like his god – if you don’t know anything, just use that product and you’ll do just fine. The product is called Google.

In the case of every new venture, the first thing that needs to get right is idea itself, then the name. The Cheers came to BE, like the idea itself, on another cold winter evening, again in a pub with friends. After a few beers, it hit him – CHEERS! No, it was not going to be a beer magazine, rather a magazine for people with positive attitude towards life, people who care about what’s happening in the world and people who enjoy reading well-written interesting articles.

During the next couple of weeks Siim found 20-30 writers and gave them 2-4 weeks to get their first article ready.

The first issue was published, containing 27 articles, on Feb 17th 2003. Initially TheCheers worked as a paper magazine, publishing one issue per week containing 7-40 articles.

Today TheCheers has existed for three and a half years. Over that time TheCheers has changed design to become the professional look it has now achieved.. More than 250 different writers from more than 30 countries have made their contributions in that time.