What we expect from you?

You need good English skills. If you are from an non-English speaking country, have good articles and topics, and your English is clear enough to be understood, we will look at your work. It needs to be understandable or it will force our editors to either return your work or re-write it. But overally, we are very interested in writers from each and every country.

We expect
• Good, honest, interesting articles
• Story-telling skills
• Knowledge of how to write headlines that will attract attention
• Knowledge of HOW to write sound, creative articles
• Timely submissions (in case of weekly articles at least 3 days before publishing day)
• Friendly attitude

Our writers enjoy the freedom of topics, ease of submission, fun work environment, understanding editors, and a chance to express their honest opinions independent of their exact views. And the possibility to work and grow together with an evolving online publication.

If you care about what is happening in the world, love comedy, entertainment, politics, travel, or any topic, but at the same time are interested in life in general, we want you working with us.

TheCheers is a magazine meant for opinionated people, people just like you. We want our writers to express their opionions, be confident, hard hitting, and enjoy the experience.