Writing guidelines

Article needs to have:

1. Good topic
2. A creative ‘attention getting’ headline
3. A one to two sentence introduction
4. Powerful one sentence extract (something that will be displayed in the middle of your article)
5. The article itself.
6. Pictures if applicable, and whenever possible.

The headline and first paragraph must attract attention, while the main block of the article keeps the interest of the reader. The headline can be simple, but at the same time catchy and invite people to actually want read your story. It's internet and you have only couple of seconds to get the reader's attention and your article headline makes people to either check out your article or ignore it.

Length: 500-3000 words. The ideal length is between 700 and 1800 words. Single line spacing ONLY; if otherwise it will be returned for amendment and have to be resubmitted. If the article is long, use the page break [BB] to break up into pages.

How to Apply: Fill in the online Writer Application form. State what topic or topics you would like to write about, and how often, etc. and send it to us, together with your first article. If accepted, we will open an account for you, then you will be able to submit freely as and when you wish (unless agree on weekly submission schedule), via our web-based administration system.

Our editors will edit your article before being published. They will contact you if there are any problems that need discussing.

We keep our submission rules as general as possible. ‘Variety’ is the main theme of The Cheers.