SAVE LIVES! column

Column by Stephen John Morgan
« SAVE LIVES » asks YOU to help people around the world who are threatened by or experiencing harassment, discrimination, maltreatment, abduction, imprisonment or torture because of their opinions and their activities to defend others and democratic rights. Each week « SAVE LIVES » features a key person who needs your help and shows you what you can do.
TURKEY – forcible return and fear for lives.
The family of Ayoub Parniyani (male); his wife Aysha Khaeirzade; Komas Parniyani and their son are about to be forcibly returned to Iraq where their lives would be in danger. Turkish authorities are showing no respect for the fact that they are on

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Kamal Al-Labwani ( Syria) Victim of Injustice Doctor Kamal Al-Labwani was condemned to 12 years in prison in July 2007 following an unfair trial. He was arrested on his return from a trip to Europe and the USA in 2005 where he had met on

October 14, 2007 Silence the Moment   SAVE LIVES – URGENT ACTION NEEDED!     Myanmar (Burma) Hla Myo Naung, demonstration leader arrested. The former student activist Hla Myo Naung has been arrested in Yangoon (ex-Rangoon) on on

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