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Column by Tara Meacham
Does Caffeine Kill Christmas Cheer?
Working at a cafe during Christmas time conjures up images of endless lines, cold customers needing hot beverages, and the impossibly repetitive sound of Christmas music so redundant that one might wish death upon even Rudolph. Grabby, unattended on

The Barista Experience: Life Behind the Bar
My local café is cozy - there are comfy chairs and friendly people behind the counter. I know this because I work there. Within the bounds of barista-customer and barista-barista confidentiality, I'll describe what it's like to work at a café. on

Politics, Religion, and the American Café
  Coffee culture in America has taken a rather European turn in the past decade, due partly to the proliferation of independent cafés and Starbucks alike. The café provides a public yet personal neutral ground upon which two parties may meet on

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