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Terri Schiavo dies after a decade of fights over her

 article about Terri Schiavo dies after a decade of fights over her

This article belongs to In Search of Laughs! column. has just reported that Terri Schiavo has died. There has been a decade of dissagreements over the question - does she have the right to die or not?

Her parents wanted her to live. Her husband wanted to let her die as there wasn't really a chance for her to wake up from a coma. And they fought over it for a long time. Two weeks ago Terri's feeding tube was removed and now she is dead.

In 1990 Terri Schiavo suffered a brain damage. The doctors said that there's virtually no hope left for her. But her parents thought otherwise. The last month there was a terrible fight over it - should we let Terri die.

Even though Terri is dead now, we can expect further political discussions about the case.

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