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(It happens more often than you think.)


I've made some mistakes in my life. Some real doozies! And you, kind reader, unless your name is Jesus, you have too.


Acknowledging this, have the mistakes you made in the past helped you to avoid repeating them again?  We've all had some experiences where accelerating our learning curve made the real difference in succeeding at the goal in front of us.


Are you mature enough to admit your mistakes? 


In today's world, to still the roiling waters of discontent, drastic steps are called for. By drastic steps, I mean, looking the truth in the eye (that's pretty drastic!) and being mature enough to admit your mistakes; then reverse course.


Here's some examples of how I came to this realization: I couldn't get a good job during high school because of my freakish hair. I had the Eastern European equivalent of an Afro. That was a mistake, and I tried to learn from it.  I took notice that my employment improved after I cut my Polish 'fro' shorter.


In college, my first mistake was thinking I was bigger, faster, and smarter than the other boys. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it wasn't so. In college, I also learned you can major in girls, but your school may decide to not give you credit for it. Quelle surprise!


I fell asleep once in an engineering class, and the Professor yelled at me. He informed everybody I wasn't even smart enough to figure out how to use a rope and pulley. The next day they found his VW bus on the roof of our gym. Imagine his surprise. That was a mistake, but it took some time to for me realize it.


In the wide, wide world of working, I've made my share of mistakes, too. The first lesson I learned: that bodacious parking spot next to the front door, usually belongs to the boss.  I'm mature enough now to admit I was wrong about my feelings of importance. I'm sorry, Mitzi.


When I quit Hollywood to go on touring as a stand-up comic (for 10 years, while my peers stayed in L.A. to do TV) that was when what was right . . . was wrong.  I'm sorry again, Mitzi!


Another mistake: When you're in Tupelo, MS never make fun of Elvis! Also, when I decided the stalwart members of the Democratic party could keep the neo-cons under control, again, that was when what was right . . . was wrong!


Some of the things I have done were right at the moment, but as time passes, they seem wrong now.  For instance: when I married a police officer that I met on a cruise ship . . . that's when what was right, was wrong. It was quite exciting, but very wrong.


As I have tried to illustrate, individuals make choices. So do nations.  As they each grow, either may re-examine some of their choices and decide if mistakes were made.  Realizing one's mistakes could lead to a reversal of one's chosen course.  Such is life!


Our country made mistakes concerning our Native American peoples. These were grievous errors, on which we've tried to make good. As a country, maybe we're finally mature enough now to admit we were wrong, and reverse our course. Until then, perhaps the casino gambling will hold them over.


In 1865, America admitted its most onerous mistake, reversed course, and we abolished slavery with the 13th Amendment.  Hello equality!


In 1920, America made a mistake when The Volstead Act became law, and alcohol was deemed illegal. After some consequences were judged as detrimental, cooler heads prevailed, and America could booze it up legally once more. It took time, but here, another mistake was admitted, and another course reversed, maybe for the good. Maybe not.


In 1942, America detained and interred people in concentration camps, many Japanese American citizens and legal immigrants. This may have seemed fitting for that desperate time, but we all admit now, that was when what was right . . . was incredibly wrong!


William Tecumseh Sherman is credited with saying "War is Hell!"  He was right!  So, if war is hell, why would you want to fight it with one arm tied behind your back? I believe when political leadership hamstrings our soldiers at war, like they did during Vietnam, was when what was right . . . was wrong! 


If elected officials utilize top drawer medical programs, without ensuring the same level of care for all Americans, I now believe they are committing the equivalent of treason!  When politicians ravished our health care system, to take care of lesser priorities . . . that was when what was right . . . was wrong . . . terribly wrong!


I am all for hunting down criminals, killers, evil dictators and everybody on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, but when the current administration up and declared a war on terrorists, and then invaded and occupied Iraq, that was again, when what was right . . . was wrong, ignorantly . . . and  terribly wrong.


Lastly, when I believed one could trust information on the Internet, including my own musings . . . that was when what was right . . . was wrong!


If I can admit that ridiculously long hair, personal superiority, practical jokes, parking incorrectly at the World Famous Comedy Store, forsaking TV appearances, slandering The King, trusting the Democrat leadership, and marrying a cop were my mistakes, and then change my course, it just baffles me that the United States Of America can't seem to do the same thing!


Let's stop our killing, and put Iraq on the ground...and back away slowly. Let's realize what was right then, now, most certainly...is wrong!


Support our American troops by bringing them home!


I'm Lue Deck, The Comic in Red Shoes

and I approved this message.