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(From A to Z)

pursues the art and act of laughing, sometimes relentlessly. The
motivations that make one laugh are numerous and varied. Have you ever
wondered why some laugh at one thing, and others do not? (As a topical
columnist, I worry about this a lot, most comics do) My thesis
postulates: "The spark that ignites laughter pivots on one's personal
perspective." So, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
gives us a start. I believe one's sense of humor resides in one's
funnybone! What strikes you as funny? Why?

Here's my comic manifesto: From A to Z: Why America laughs so much! Some groupings are coincidentally organic, some are mine:

America laughs...

a) Because, have you checked out the rest of the world lately? {See: The We're Not As Dumb As We Look Dept.}

b) Because so far, there's no law saying we can't! {If they pass this law, there's gonna be a real big fight!}

c) Because inside a group of laughing people is a safe place! {The first big, unidentified laugher, lets everyone know its OK!}

d) Because someone losing their dignity is the great equalizer! {Bloopers and out-takes get incredibly high ratings!}

e) Because we like to laugh at America's daily freak show! {Listen to Howard Stern or Michael Jackson or Justice Scalia!}

f) Because freedom of action begets some foolishness! {Remember Rodney King and those stupid criminal videos!}

g) Because futility will always be funny! {See the Chicago Cubs, or France's Army}

h) Look at our nutty leader and all our politicians! {Bush Jr. and his mouth and Cheney and his shotgun!}

America laughs...

i) Because we like to see bullies get their come-uppance! {See Ken Lay or Pete Rose and/or Richard Nixon}

j) Because laughs are a moneymaking industry. We like those here! {See "Blazing Saddles" or "Caddyshack" or " The Holy Grail"}

k) Because corporations can't sell laughs like candy bars! {Fun has a short shelf life, but is always in steady demand!}

l) Because laughter is healing, and it's cheaper than medicine! {Just ask Dr. Norman Cousins or Dr. Phil or Dr. Ruth!}

m) Take our mothers-in-lawPlease! {Because some folks still fondly remember Vaudeville!}

n) Because it's easy to amuse those who are bored! {Explains why we still read all those bad e-mail jokes!}

o) Because there are more jokes now, than at any time in history! {Stupid information highway!}

p) Ever been to Vegas? {What happens there, stays there...even the laughs!}

q) Because, out of tragedy, sometimes comes comedy! {Watch the Jerry Springer Show or Joan Rivers!}

America laughs...

r) Because haircuts here are not to be believed! {Friends, don't let friends go Mohawk!}

s) Because irony really can be funny! {Witness Rush Limbaugh's multiple arrests}

t) Because, by now, we've all seen Paris Hilton's video! {Wow, what an incredible information highway!}

u) Look, just look, how we treat our damn pets! {In 2005, we spent more than $200 million on kitty treats!}

v) Look at our underwear! {Are they thongs, or boxers, or briefs or nada?}

w) Because we have some really good marijuana here! {I can't remember the example that goes here!}

x) Because we still remember Bill Clinton! {..."When it absolutely, positively, has to be funny!"...}

y) Because if we didn't laugh at today's world, we'd cry! {Laughing is the yin to bad news' yang!}

z) Because they who laugh best, laugh last! {Keep reading my articles @TheCheers.org}

old sailor's saying goes: "Any port in a storm!" and it works here,
too. My truth is: It really doesn't make much difference what makes you
laugh. What is vital is actually getting to laugh! And laugh often!
Getting to laugh often is a very good cardio workout, and everybody
could use some of that! But, then, I wear big Red Shoes, so some of my viewpoints might be slightly skewed!

Anyhow, all of this is why I think America laughs so much!