I Smoke Pot. Whats The Big Deal?

So what? I smoke pot.

Think about it. Out of all the after work activities, there are about a bazillion other things that I could be doing that are worse than getting high. I am a tax paying citizen. I have a full-time job in the mental health field. I attend college full-time and carry a 3.5 GPA. And yes, I smoke marijuana.

Hence, the whole reason for this article. I am sick of good, hard-working, decent people being persecuted just because they partake in an activity that is totally misunderstood via hateful propaganda and one-sided commercials. I am here to dispute some of the stereotypes that generally go with the average pot smoker.

You know the commercials that I am talking about. The ones that show some loser who never leaves the couch, with no job, and a nasty house that needs a road map to find the floor. A commercial that takes the worst possible scenario and exploits the hell out it to make it a mainstream concept. What these just-say-no people don't show you is the lawyer, the teacher, the mental health associate, and the public servant who perform exactly to society's expectations-except they smoke marijuana. I beseech everyone who reads this article to look at the why and the personal choice of smoking this spiritual herb.

If you ask me, more teachers should have the privilege of smoking a big fat joint on a daily basis for doing the job that they do. America might have happier teachers and a better retention rate to boot if pot became legal. Well, a few locations in the United States have marijuana dispensaries already where one can go for their medical needs. Before some of you scoff at this suggestion, let me ask you a question: Whens the last time that you've been in a classroom? Whens the last time that you've been surrounded by kids who disrespected you each and every day, for eight consecutive hours a day, and parents who called this outrageous behavior a means for their little darlings to express themselves? I'm talking ALL DAY! I did it for years before moving on to mental health. And let me tell you- forget the apple, hand these people a dime bag!

Next on the list Customer Service. These are the people who deserve the legalization of marijuana more than any other industry on this planet. This category includes but is not limited to: waitresses, bill collectors, DMV agents, flight attendants, and every other profession that catches the brunt of society's anger. You know the people. Anti-marijuana people feel that they are better than them because they make more money than the average customer service agent. Yeah, those people. Tell me, could you smile and say, How can I help you? after about say.your sixtieth time being treated like you can't even spell your own name because of situations that were beyond your control? I have to wonder, how do they REALLY keep smiling? I suppose that fact will always be a mystery, won't it?

Which leads me to my last profession. Restaurant workers. Ive seen firsthand the viciousness that a restaurant environment brings out in people. Talk about not knowing how to act in public- society as a whole illustrates this concept at one time or another. Here are a few examples on WHY it should be totally acceptable for anybody working in a restaurant to be privileged to a toke every now and again.

1. The Running Table- This is a table that takes a waitress and asks for fifty different things. Not a problem-EXCEPT-its fifty different trips. These people usually bring their friends and leave very bad tips.

2. Nothing You Bring Is Going To Be Good Enough. One of my favorite genres of diners. I love these people- honestly. Reasons that had been exactly what you asked for when you took their order now are all your fault because 'this is not what we asked for.' And THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ORDERED. Whoever came up with the concept of 'the customer is always right' was totally wrong. With this scenario in mind, who can blame a waitress for getting high after dealing with a bunch of assholes all night? Well, I certainly can't. Can You?

Now, my favorite anti-marijuana- lie/myth-whatever you would like to call it:Smoking Pot is a bad thing. WHATEVER! Smoking pot is a recreation that everyone 21 and older (I do have some morals ya' know) should be able to partake in without repercussions from an uneducated society that only gets their information from a one-sided media.

So there you have it- the other side of the story. Pot Smokers aren't all losers. Wheres the commercial that shows the person who worked a full eight hours, has the house to herself, and wants to unwind? Wheres the commercial of the bitch who told a waitress at a fine dining establishment that she (the waitress) should have stayed at McDonald's?

How about the college student who has three jobs and carries a 3.5 GPA? Oh, hell no the media can't show us those kind of commercials- too many people might agree with them.

Okay, by now some of you out there might be shaking your heads and calling me some kind of pothead freak. Pothead- yes. Freak- only sometimes. However, some of you might be nodding your heads in agreement. I hope this article at the very least caught your attention. Until next time.