New research suggests that many people have put themselves on potentially dangerous situations when on holiday, behaving differently than they would do at home. An online money saving voucher code website can reveal that people are not as careful with their personal safety on holiday, as they would be at home. Trusting strangers, not looking after personal belongingness and drinking too much to the point of blackout are some of the potentially dangerous situations British holiday makers have put themselves in.

As Brits jet off on their summer holidays, an online money saving voucher code website decided to find out, how differently people behaved on holiday, compared to at home. Many people lose regard for their personal safety taking risks they normally wouldn't and also showing that alcohol has a huge effect on behaviours abroad as well.

To find out how people behaved on holiday compare to at home, surveyed over 2,500 Brits aged over 18, who had taken a holiday abroad in the last 5 years. They asked them: "What have you done whilst on holiday, that you wouldn't normally do at home?" The most common response was; ‘'trusting strangers', closely followed by; ‘not looking after personal belongings'. The results can be seen below.
  • Drinking too much to the point of blackout – 18%
  • Drink driving – 6%
  • Taking drugs – 12%
  • Unprotected sex with a one night stand – 23%
  • Not looking after personal health – 28%
  • Not looking after personal belongings – 34%
  • Trusting strangers – 43%

  • Expanding on their study, My Voucher Codes then asked the respondents: "Have any of the following happened to you or family members whilst on holiday under the influence of alcohol?" Providing a list of predetermined answers, the results can be found below:
  • Injuring themselves – 25%
  • Getting seriously sun burnt – 41%
  • Walking home alone at night – 34%
  • Starting fights – 13%
  • Losing important items including passports, money and phone – 33%
  • Contracting a STD from a one night stand – 8%

  • Speaking about the results General Manager of My Voucher Codes Chris Reilly said:
    "Many of these consequences stem from consuming too much alcohol as we can see from our research. In general holiday makers are a lot more relaxed on holiday than they are at home which seems to lead to taking more risks. Unfortunately for people caught out in these situations, the ending won't be very good. Many times insurance claims have been denied if you have been intoxicated at the time, which could lead extra costs for holiday makers if the worst happened. "

    He added:
    "Although taking a holiday is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, you do need to be aware of your own personal safety and even that of those around you. You don't want to find yourself in hospital, kicked out of your hotel or worse arrested and facing criminal charged."