Florida is a beautiful state. There are so many great opportunities and interesting things to see. It's also home to many inviting cities that are great for families and singletons alike. If you're getting ready to move to Florida, consider the following cities that are great for families of all sizes.

Boca Raton

If you're looking for a coastal city that offers a medium size population, Boca Raton is a great option. This city has just under 87,000 people. It is friendly and welcoming to new families. The area is made up of a large percentage of white collar workers from office workers to sales people. The public school system in the city is large and is considered one of the best in the area. Families with children will find the city is a fun, laid-back option with many other families to connect with.


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Many people who move to Florida are looking for a larger city where they will feel comfortable. Jacksonville is a great option, thanks to a lower crime rate than other cities in the state, as well as a lower cost of living. This is surprising to many, since it is the largest city in the state. You can find Jacksonville homes for sale at reasonable prices in neighborhoods that are perfect for your family. Whether you're just starting a new family or you have several children, you'll love the city.

Port St. Lucie

 article about Moving to the Sunshine State: 7 Cities to Consider
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With approximately 155,000 people, Port St. Lucie is the ninth largest city in Florida. This makes it a great spot for those looking to relocate. The city offers easy access to beautiful beaches. It also has a good school district. Not far from the city you can go on citrus farm tours with the family or a wine tour without the kids. In addition, it has a low crime rate, making it the perfect spot for families.


Are you looking for a small town, close to the big city? Pace has transformed over the last few years from a rural community into a beautiful suburb of Pensacola. The city offers housing at an affordable cost, still with the pricing of a small town. Income rates in Pace are better than would be expected for a small, rural area. Since the town is only 20 minutes from Pensacola, you don't have to go far to get the big city feel and attractions.


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If you're looking for an area that has options when it comes to schooling, consider Aventura. Here you'll find not only a good public school district, but also The Aventura City of Excellence School, which is a small charter school, allowing students and teachers more one-on-one-time. There are many options for those who are looking to run their own business in the area, as well. Since Aventura is close to Miami, you don't have far to go to get the nightlife you want or the museums and family friendly attractions you need.

Winter Garden

The town of Winter Garden has flourished due to its proximity to Orlando. The tourism industry is thriving. However, it's also a perfect option for families looking to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. The city is the first green-certified city in Central Florida. You can find homes at great prices, and many of them are even "green," offering many environmentally friendly options.


 article about Moving to the Sunshine State: 7 Cities to Consider
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Another big city, Orlando, has a population of about 238,000 people. It is the fifth largest city in the state and has great school districts and a low cost of living. Here, you'll also find many family-friendly attractions such as Universal Studios and Disney World.

There are many great cities in the state of Florida. It's important to decide, before you move, what is most important to you. When you're raising a family, you may want to consider the school districts, crime rates, and area attractions. In addition, home prices and cost of living will make a difference on the area you choose to live.