People desperate to bid goodbye to concrete blocks of the city and say hello to countryside wilderness, should checkout exploring the magnificent state of Colorado. The state has been historically trounced upon by visitors, right from the gold rush era. And though the glitter of gold is no more, the historic gold towns still have not lost their attraction. The road trips take you through the various towns with fantastic landscapes where adventurous activities await to give you your share of thrills. Hence, jump behind the wheels of your Jaguar, and begin your 604 kilometres trip to the ghost towns of Colorado.

Colorado Springs

To the west from Colorado Springs head for the ‘Garden of the Gods park' which has unique red landscape, and the mysterious nature of the place was more than enough for the natives to consider the place godly, and added spirituality to it. You can explore the wide expanse of open and virgin countryside on a horseback, courtesy to the various stables around the area who offer their services. One of the favourite spots to explore includes the Cave of the Winds, which has amazing geological features to captivate you.


Driving along explore the Pikes Peak, admire the Rocky Mountain and watch out for bighorn sheep. Then follow State Highway 67 and head for Cripple Creek, a place which has a golden history and had around 500 mines between 1890 and 1910. Moving past it you come to the ghost town of Victor. Though humans still live here, but you can get glimpses of historic past as you move around exploring the Masonic Hall, Trolley depot, Lowell Thomas museum, and Victor Daily Record newspaper office.

St Elmo

Head for the town of Florissant, and visit the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument which boasts of being the world's richest fossils deposits. Then, explore the resurrected ghost town of South Park City, and head for St Elmo which is another of the ghost towns with buildings like the saloon, store, and many private houses reminding you of the days long gone by. The region allows you the adventurous rafting tips on Arkansas River owing to which there is a melee of rafters and kayakers during the spring and summer seasons.

Royal Gorge

Your exploration reaches new heights when you reach the Royal Gorge, which is the world's highest suspension bridge built in 1929. A cable car ride is all you need to glide over the gorge and have a fantastic panoramic view. Your other excursions can include the Incline Railway trip to the Arkansas River, and the joy ride on Royal Gorge Scenic Railway which takes you to the Buckskin Joe Frontier Town and get you up-close to the fascinating re-creations which appeared in movies like Cat Ballou. Then there is the Museum of Colorado Prisons which you can visit nearby.

Aiken Canyon

Then follow Route 115 off the town of Penrose, and get the taste of virgin wilderness at the Aiken Canyon Preserve which has kept its eco-system still intact, and has wide variety of wildlife, including mountain lions, black bears, elk, and golden eagles.