Folks, reverberate your 4x4 engines and get ready to vroom out into the wilderness of scenic Netherlands. And if you are behind a 2014 Freelander 2 the fun element gets all the more multiplied. The amazing sight of colourful flowers adoring the landscape is a delight to your mind and soul. Hence it is time to pull out from your inner conflicts, and boring daily life worries, and appreciate the beauty of nature scattered around. For the nature lovers the ‘Flower Route' of Netherlands is a slice of heaven on earth.

Flower Route
Netherlands has the distinction of redefining the horticulture industry with the bloom of colourful and exotic flowers including tulips, daffodils, narcissi, and hyacinths all over its western region. It all began in 1593, when the first tulip flower was introduced to the Dutch soil, and from then it was no looking back, and eventually the landscape of Holland was transformed into an amazing colourful spectrum of flowers.

To venture out for Bloemen Route or Flower Route, begin from Haarlem and drive along the approx 40 kilometres stretch south to Leiden. It is a road to paradise as you will find high concentration of flowery growth all along which gives a boost to a multibillion dollar horticulture industry. Littered all along the region you can come across flower auction houses, picturesque public gardens, private gardens, and museums. Then, you have the beautiful cities of Haarlem, and Leiden, with historical landmarks you can visit.

Moving out of Haarlem, head south on highway N208 and turn your wheels towards Lisse where one of the best spring gardens of the world awaits you. The Keukenhof Garden, which began as a kitchen garden in the 15th century has gradually grown in stature. You can stretch your legs and roam across the sprawling 70 acres of land and feel the serenity all around. It is a wooded region with almost 14 kilometres of walk paths, greenhouse pavilions, a windmill, millions of tulip bulbs, and ponds which make you feel transcended to a unique world of beauty. The region's magnetism draws hundreds of thousands of visitor every year as it oozes with natural splendours.

You continue south along N208 towards highway A44 until you hit the town of Leiden. The historic landmarks of the town, includes the Holland's oldest university, and the Botanic garden which found its roots in 1594. A renowned botanist of his time, Carolus Clusius did his share of spade work and brought different varieties of tulips, and nurtured the garden. Today the garden presents a stunning view to knock the visitors off their feet. You have museums to explore as well, or to get a magnificent panoramic view of the whole town, climb up the 18th century windmill and get it all.

The Dutch flower auctions are the economy generators for the country. And you get the most of them in the village of Naaldwijk which sits pretty in Westland, and brags of being the largest greenhouse area of the world. Feel free to tour the auction houses and get educated about horticulture of the Holland.