One name that we all find on our lips for one reason or the other is that of the 45th president of the United States. This could be because of his decisions as the president or for his business history. Talking about the latter, it would not be complete without making mention of his turbulent relationship with the industry of casino. This is as inseparable as online casino players and the no deposit casino bonus online.

Donald's Casino acquisitions

The Trump name and the casino industry started their acquaintance when Donald Trump began his endeavors to acquire properties on the popular boardwalk of Atlantic City right back in the 1980s. On the 15th day of March in the year 1982, the New Jersey Control Commission presented this forthright casino tycoon his first casino license. Instead of Trump following the initial plan of establishing his own casino in the city, he collaborated in a project with the Holiday Inn Casino Hotel owned by Harrah. And when Trump became a majority shareholder in the venture after two years, he changed the name of the establishment to Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino.

For a fee of about $555 000 000, Donald Trump also acquired the Atlantic City Hilton Hotel & Casino and Taj Mahal somewhere in the middle 1980s. He then changed their names to the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Marina. Trump got the Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts established in 1995 as a public trading company and purchased both the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Castle under the company's name for $1.38 billion. Then a year after that, the Trump World's Fair was launched by Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts. Imagine a casino situated not far from the Trump Plaza; though it wasn't a project that lived long enough - there's a promised that it would be replaced with a bigger project.

Another Hotel and Casino Resort purchase in the name of Trump started 21st century when there was a confirmation of a management deal to overtake the operation of the Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella, California by the company.

Donald's Casino auctions

 article about Donald Trump And His History with Casinos

There are days when things weren't too rosy as well; the Trump Hotel and Casino Resorts also experienced financial crises that lead to its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on several occasions. There came days when Trump Entertainment Resorts tried to auction off some of its assets, which does not leave out the Trump Marina. Yes, this was in 2011, the Trump Marina was auctioned off to Landry's Restaurant, the Las Vegas based engine room running the Golden Nugget Casino. The Trump Plaza was auctioned off in 2013 to the operators of the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada - the Meruelo Group. The Icahn rejected the $20 million proposal for acquiring the Trump Plaza because the casino mortgage was kept under the umbrella of the Trump Entertainment Resorts, which made him feel the sale wasn't a reasonable deal. This posed a blow to the groin for the company that felt its debt would be reduced by selling off the Trump Plaza.

We might need a whole section to cover the history of the famous Donald Trump and Casinos, but one thing is for sure; the name isn't doing so well in this casino industry as it used to. However, casino game players still do not joke with famous software brand games on uk.vogueplay. This is because names like these are bent on offering only the best.

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