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Five casinos that are in most unusual places

 article about Five casinos that are in most unusual places
There's nothing like a good night out at your local casino with the electrifying atmosphere and the surrounding sights and sounds. More often than not these casinos are located in prime areas in various towns and cities, and when it comes to places like Las Vegas, typically most casino venues are placed within walking distance from each other down a large strip. But we've managed to find a few casinos that have quite astonishingly gone against those rather traditional expectations.


Conventionally a casino would obviously be found above ground but not if you happen to be strolling around in Coober Pedy in northern South Australia. The Desert Cave Hotel resort is located underground and their casino facilities can be enjoyed subterranean style. The hotel itself features above and below ground rooms and other facilities that include the casino and it's a great place to cool down and get you out of that beating sun.


The Casino Royale found in Panaji in Goa is as far removed from a land-based casino as you could possibly ask. The casino itself is located offshore on a yacht anchored in the River Mandovi, which helped sidestep the strict Indian gambling laws. The 215 foot long ship can hold up to 300 gamblers all looking to try their luck at sea.


Playing online gambling entertainment with Euro Palace may be the more convenient option especially as this African based casino isn't exactly in the most accessible of places. But it's somewhere you can enjoy going on a safari like adventure before you even check-in. It's located right on the border of the Pilanesberg National Game Park and is a beautiful resort to take the whole family. And of course, when you aren't enjoying the facilities or getting up close and personal with the outdoor wildlife, you can get wild at the casino tables instead.


If you don't have a good head for heights then perhaps you might want to avoid this Malaysian casino. You can get to the Genting Highlands Casino, an incredibly vibrant and colourful casino, by cable car as it looks over a jungle and deep ravine. It's certainly a breath-taking view but not great for those vertigo sufferers out there.


For the ultimate casino experience you'll get none finer that what's on offer in Macau, often labelled as the new Vegas. It's one of the largest casino venues in the world and is surrounded by special Venetian canals much like its Vegas-based counterparts. It has 500,000 square feet of casino goodness, tables, slots and to enjoy so you'll never even have to leave the building.

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