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Documentary Photography – Be the storyteller in the News

 article about Documentary Photography – Be the storyteller in the News
Have you watched the local newscast and wished that you were on the frontlines of breaking events? Does the thought of environmental challenges, exposés, international relief or unfurling the story of chemical leak in a local community put you on the edge of your seat? For those of us who dream of blending journalism with pictures, taking on the exhilarating world of documentary photography draws us in with its charms and promises of adventure.

Using photography as a documentation tool brings reality and immediacy to the news you are delivering as a public service. Visual imagery tells stories that need no translator. We all connect over images – whether they are meant to move us to action, illustrate our combined compassion, or enlighten our feelings of appreciation, wonder and joy.

There is no clear or defined path to what makes someone a documentary photographer – they all share one common passion for sharing information and a dedication for the visual arts. Idealism can be a motivator, but showing great stories that impact others is the one element that drives these artists.

A photographer – in any role – is an artist. Images are framed and chosen to invoke an emotional response in the viewer. They paint with a camera and conjure poetry for our eyes.

Some Career Paths

  • Journalists begin by working for news agencies. They can branch out on their own after developing a collection of portfolio samples for clients. They may focus on the area of photojournalism.
  • Take video, photography and film courses at a college or university. These graduates either begin their careers offering video media services to clients or working for a commercial studio or newsroom.
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    Photographers can work within the industry and make a "living" while preparing material for their personal goals. As we all know – getting "published" means getting published again! You also get advertised on client websites and print materials.
  • Idealists and humanitarians begin by merging their concerns for social, political or international concerns with using their photography to document these issues. They may form a collective, aid group, or "rights" movement and then compile their work to display for the public. Some photographic documentarians form, or work for, not-for-profit organizations.
  • Artists begin their careers by honing their skills in art school. They develop their "eye" for aesthetics and master the tools of their media (in this case video and camera work). Artists in the film media progress as those in any other creative endeavor. They find their visual signature and work with determination and "vision" to mold and shape their distinctive style. They bring beauty and creative ideas to clients and sell work in galleries. These photographers, if they focus on documentary genre, will hold showings of their work for the public to interact with their "story".

    Documentary photographers "network" in their chosen community in order to capture the images they seek as well to build a following. An online presence is usually imperative –develop your website and social media accounts (do pro-bono jobs for organizations). A portfolio of work is critical to anyone in the arts – whether you are a painter, writer, poet or musician. The portfolio reflects your style, "voice" or signature, your subject matter and the passion and "soul" of your life's work. Becoming a documentary photographer is a road with many turns and paths. Ultimately, a documentary photographer captures and guides the image that will best forge a deep impression, relationship and interaction with the photograph. As any piece of artwork, these images will capture slices of history and life as they transcend time and place.

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