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Ten myths about area 51

 article about Ten myths about area 51
Area 51 is a place that has appeared throughout history (well, all those decades) as a place that has a lot of mystery behind it. The airbase can be found at Lincoln County in the southern part of Nevada, United states. However, the area is surrounded by high security gates, and getting in is not possible for a "normal" guy or gal. It is known as the most secretive place in the entire world and has been said to deal with alien activity, as well as futuristic testing. But not only. Let's take a look at ten myths which surround this mysterious place.

The secret society

Politics have always played a big part in the existence of Area 51 and a secret society has also been considered. These include stories about a highly secret one world government and a group that are known as the Majestic Twelve organization. This consists of a selection of the worlds greatest scientists, military experts and officials in the world of government.

Simulation of the moon

In recent times the simulation of the moon and other activities that took place on the moon have been speculated by critics as being fake. A television show announced this in 2001 and accused Area 51 for staging the original moon landing in 1969, claiming that the secret air base had staged it and filmed some of the footage at the air base.

Storage of aliens and spacecrafts at the base

 article about Ten myths about area 51

The discussion of alien activity and existence at Area 51 has always been a hot topic ever since the base was first discovered by a pilot who was flying over the base and came in contact with it. Individuals who worked at Area 51 have given interviews where they have confirmed that they worked on space ships from outer space and also came in contact with aliens from other planets. Many claim that aliens and spacecrafts are stored at the base and that there is activity at the base that suggests that reverse engineering of space crafts that have crashed on the planet are taking place.

Creation of energy weapons

 article about Ten myths about area 51

Another myth that surrounds area 51 is the concept of energy weapons. Some believe that these exotic energy weapons are being developed at the base and are far deadlier than the standard weapons that we find on the planet today. Weapons of this nature can be seen in popular films that use Area 51 in the script, such as the popular film, Independence day.

The development of Aurora

 article about Ten myths about area 51

The development of a top secret air craft known as the Aurora was said to be in progress at the base in the year of 1985. This information was leaked in a document that claimed it to be far more powerful than the average jets that we find in existence. The Aurora is claimed to be able to reach speeds of up to Mach 5 and can reach any destination on planet Earth within a matter of hours.

Air-crafts based on alien designs

Another hot topic of debate is that of the manufacture of air-crafts based on alien design technology. The fact that the base is constantly putting energy into the development of new types of air-crafts, as well as the fact that aliens have been suggested as being part of the experiments that take place at the base, suggest that the two can only be connected.

Agreement between Area 51 and aliens

 article about Ten myths about area 51

Another conspiracy suggests that there is an agreement between Area 51 and the aliens that they may visit the base, so long as the workers at the base are allowed to carry out experiments with them and analyze their flight technology.

Alien testing

One of the most famous and well debated topics is that of the idea that aliens were and are tested on at the base. This became a hot topic when a video was released showing footage of an alien autopsy. The base has since become the main location of focus for UFO enthusiast who believe that there may be life out in space.

Weather manipulation

 article about Ten myths about area 51

The weather and the fact that it may be controlled through unknown powers by Area 51 are also considered by conspiracy theorists. This may include the ability to manipulate the weather, so that it produces a variety of different effects at different locations around the earth, including rain, storms, hurricanes and floods.

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