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Career Colleges of America Closes Leaving Students High & Dry

 article about Career Colleges of America Closes Leaving Students High & Dry

Over 800 students just found out that they don't have a college to attend right now. On January 8th, 2014, Career Colleges of America announced that they would no longer  be open to any students. The College has been shut down, leaving hundreds of students that paid tuition, without anything to show for their hard work. The college has not released any statements or comments, but the general feeling among students is one of outrage and disgust.

Back in August the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Training had placed Career Colleges of America on what is known as "show case" status. This meant that they were one step away from losing all of their accreditation. This was mainly due to financial issues such as over budgeting.          

According to reports the college did not notify any students that they were in danger of closing. Instead in the middle of many lectures on Wednesday January 8th, administrators went throughout the campus telling all professors to stop teaching. They informed the students and the teachers that the college was closing down.

According to the teachers, many of them had not received any form of pay since November. Anthony Romo, 34, was working two part time jobs since November to try to keep paying his bills. He said he still continued to teach until January because he did not want to abandon his students.

  "I feel defrauded, these are hours that I've worked already" Romo said. So far him and other teachers have not received any answers from school administrators.

"I feel hurt and betrayed," Alexus Pugh stated, "I dedicated my time, my energy, and my money to this. I did my part, they were supposed to do theirs." She is a single mom, who had already paid more than $17,000 in tuition money, and now will never get to graduate.

According to Russ Heimrich, a spokesman for the California Department of Consumer Affairs, transferring can be quiets a problem in these situations. In the end it is up to other colleges whether they want to accept the transfers and the college credits, which means many students may walk away empty handed.

According to Monserat Cisneros, her and her sisters were asked to pay tuition, even after many of the teachers had walked out of the college due to not being paid. Cisneros states, "I asked them if I needed to pay, they said business was continuing as usual, so yes."

Many teachers had walked out of the college the Monday before the school shut down. According to students many rumors started going around campus that the college may be in danger of shutting down, and that their tuition money was not being used properly. However, according to students the administration continued to say that everything was fine, until Wednesday January 8th, when the school was shut down. Since then officials have been busy at work trying to help students to find other private schools so that they can finish their studies, however, so far they have been unsuccessful.  Many students seeking alternatives are jumping online to career-focused schools in the hopes of getting back on a positive career track.  What will happen to the students? No one knows for sure but hopefully this will be a positive change for all involved.

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