Hello darkness, are you there my friend? Space, the final frontier, a seemingly empty and comforting dark void suddenly threw up an alien ship. Suddenly things are not so cozy any more. Why is so dark out there?

Space age took birth with Sputnik on October 4, 1957. The satellite inspired many nations to come up with their own space programs. Now there is no space left there, only satellites. Currently, there are more than 8,000 man made objects out there. Space Surveillance Network (SSN) is busy tracking all those gizmos and has added an impressive list of rocks and boulders to its list. They numbered 24,177 in all and a majority of them has burnt up while trying to make a direct landing on earth. They never learn, do they?

It was all right some time before when everything that happened with space exploration came into our lives only as far as the television set or the radio. We did not have to sit up with fingers crossed while the astronauts did a space walk while they repaired the...my it is so horrendous! How can taking a walk be dangerous or so lonely?

Space exploration has gone to the dogs. Laika the Russian dog holds the flag up for the rest to follow. That is not a dig at the men in white who dance in the dark, rather it is a...okay wear it if it fits.

The increasing amount of space junk and dust is increasing. Sometimes it gets into your head and you feel that you have to do something about it. Then you come to your senses and realize that it is thousands of miles above your head, both literally and figuratively. Earth is a comforting place, plenty of water, plenty to eat and plenty of space . . .. Did you say space? I get the heebie-jeebies when someone mentions this word these days. Not to mention dogs.

And then while NASA is busy playing "moon moon" with asteroids possibilities seem to multiply. NASA has become star struck with these floating dead bodies in space. Asteroids are small pieces of planets of the past that are circling the space, some come frighteningly close to the earth sometimes and this NASA initiative aims to solve the mystery of these circling dervishes once and for all by collaborating with the PEOPLE OF THE EARTH. One of their scientists (I suspect there are more) is planning to capture and divert one of these lonely rocky maidens and make it imitate the moon. It will make periodic trips around the earth and one will see two lights up in the sky at nights.I look forward to it. Space, the final frontier is getting more interesting by the day.

Space remains dark while astronomers with their telescopes attempt to light it up and dig out new celestial beings, celestial objects and open new doors to other worlds. This week marks the anniversary of those tragic events in space exploration history when astronauts lost their lives. January 27 1967 Apollo accident killed three astronauts, February 1, 2003 Columbia exploded on re-entry and killed seven astronauts and on January 28, 1986 Challenger exploded taking seven more lives. Well, the door remains open, any takers? We must press on people, THE ALIENS ARE WAITING!

Problem with space is of course the shortage of rockets, but some time soon one will find some means to propel aircraft with some new dimension of magnet power. These aircraft will fly several million times faster than the speed of light as it attempts to unravel the complex universe existing inside warped dimensions. Once we overcome the shortage of rockets, we have to deal with the asteroids, oh my God! I forgot all about them. And about the ROCK MAIDEN who resides in the night skies alongside our glorious moon.

The still waters give me the chills; people saw a UFO entering the waters near Cape of Good Hope sometime in July 2011. A person made a video that showed a "flying saucer" if that is what one call them fly towards and enters the water. Maybe these aliens turn into fish, and maybe they are waiting for some geological event to happen. Maybe it has something to do with water, 80% of planet Earth comprises of water. Moreover, there is some in the overhead tank too.

Hello aliens, isn't space big enough for YOU? Are are you going to Earth FAIR for a reason? Indeed space dust doesn't frighten me anymore. The recent Mars mission has thrown up some mud too. There seems to be a GRAVE on mars. One would have expected a house first actually. This grave resembles another ancient grave present on earth in Kofun, Japan. Are they waiting for official recognition before they begin communicating? Or are they blind to us as we are to them? Suddenly everyone is off to the... moon and the mars and... yes, men have volunteered for a trip to Mars and several countries are planning manned missions to the moon. Be sure to dodge past those ROCKY MAIDENS.