Mobile devices are on the way to overtake computers as the principle method by which we connect to the internet. The online game of roulette has already taken advantage of this technological advancement, and it can be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Major online casinos like Spin and Win have chosen the responsive website route when it comes to technology. Roulette games found at Spin and Win are created using HTML5, Flash, or Java which will work on practically every browser, and it automatically adjusts to the screen size. Spin and Win has been able to do a great job by optimising online roulette games that can fit to any screen resolution. Having a responsive online casino makes the website more fluid with stunning graphics and increased speed.

One of the most popular online roulette games at Spin and Win is called Double Bonus Spin Roulette which is a unique type of American roulette game. This roulette game has a wide variety of betting types that will give you more choices and possibility of winning. On Double Bonus Spin Roulette, the betting types are inside bets, outside bets, neighbour bets and advanced bets. Inside bets include straight bet, split bet, trio bet, corner bet, five number bet and six number bet, whereas outside bet covers different areas on the roulette table which includes an entire category of results. Neighbour bet will give you the chance to place your bet on a section of adjacent numbers on the wheel with just a click and this can be enabled in the by clicking on Options.

Advance bet will give you the chance to place your stake on multiple bet spots on the roulette table with special bets and pattern bets. Special bets include red splits, black splits, red dragon and black dragon, whereas Pattern bets will allow you to create up to six different bet patterns which are saved as present. The special feature on this roulette game is the Bonus Free Spins where if the ball lands in the yellow pocket, all of your betting stands and you automatically qualify for the free spins on a special bonus wheel which consist of 2 wheels, so you have double the chance of winning with these 2 independent wheels.

With the technological advancement that have been available lately, online roulette betting is considered as a more convenient option to play by many gamers instead of heading to a land based casino. Roulette can be considered as a strange game, whether you play it live or online. There are some crazy facts about roulette where each one of them looks weirder than the other. Ashley Revell took the bet of his life by betting $135,300 (which was his entire life saving) on the colour red and he was extremely lucky that it actually landed on red. Another incredible feat was realised by the British retail tycoon called Philip Green who is the chairman ofArcadia Group, a high street giant that includes Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Topman, Evans, Wallis, and Burton. In 2005, Mr Green won approximately 2 million playing roulette at a London casino.

Roulette is fairly easy to win as you have got nearly 50% chance of winning, so take your chance and you could end up like Ashley Revell or Philip Green.