Online games are the form of entertainment of choice for an ever increasing number of people. No wonder - they are easily accessible, quick and fun to play. Online games come in an incredible variety, especially casual games like slot machines. These are among the most versatile games ever invented, with the ability to put on any skin their designers might imagine. Old Havana Casino is an excellent example of a well themed online gaming experience.

What does this have to do with sports, you might ask. Well, the reason I mentioned sports is that I want to present a series of casual games - namely slots - inspired by sports that have the potential to put money in your pocket.

Sports Star slots

The first title in the Sports Star series of slot machines - Football Star - was released at the Red Flush Casino back in 2014, just days before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. No doubt, it was an attempt to jump the soccer bandwagon, with the whole world talking about the event. But it was a surprising success even after the World Cup ended. Red Flush took its time, but finally it has decided to continue the series with further games. Today you can try Cricket Star, Rugby Star and Basketball Star at the Red Flush Casino, with further similar titles surely coming up in the future. Visit the Red Flush Casino today at:

An attractive game mechanic

The average slot machine involves reels that are spinning until they stop at a certain combination of symbols. But not the Sports Star slots. They have a special feature called "Rolling Reels" that ups the anticipation when you play, and adds an extra spin (sic!) to the game.

Whenever a winning combination lands on the screen in a Sports Star slot machine, all symbols involved with it will disappear. Other symbols fall in from above and land in their place. Doing so, they often form further winning combinations, which are also eliminated from the screen, and this can go on indefinitely. Such a cascading win can surely put some well-deserved cash into the players' pockets.

What about special features?

All Sports Star slots come with the usual features - like Wild symbols and free spins. But here, too, we have a twist - or two, if you like. First, it's the randomly triggered wild reel with a guaranteed win. While you play, one of the reels can randomly turn into a Wild reel. The game guarantees a win in such a situation, so it's always a welcome sight. Plus, when you trigger the Free Spins feature of any game, the cascading wins are enhanced with a series of multipliers, that grow with each subsequent win.

The Sports Star slots are a great way for any sports fans to pay homage to their favorite game, and maybe even put some cash in their pockets at the same time.