Vatican, which is noted as the smallest country in the world, has been always considered suspicious. This notion can be justified with the simplest example, that it is also known as "Holy See" located in the most exotic Italian capital, Rome, the country is limited to 110 acres with around 1000 citizens only. Interestingly, the city has a very rich, complex and intricate history; this is one reason that much is still not known about it. Maybe, the people around create it all, but it is said that many dark truths reside there.

Vatican City, irrespective of its size has a multi-million dollar budget for growth and development. In order to develop understanding about this region, or in other words, know the truths hidden there, one has to parse the history and go through the religious text. Otherwise, one might not be able to ever find, out Pope belongs to Christianity? What leads to the mysterious appearance of Vatican City? Know briefly about important areas to understand about all the chaos easily:

1: Exorcism

According to Baudelaire, it has always been considered that the devil is not a reality, it's something that resides in the mind only. In the paradox of the situation, the contemporary country Vatican promotes the idea that the devil is good and it exists too. The region has exercised three, most popular and criticized exorcisms in the era of late Pope John Paul II. In addition to this, catholic exorcism practices were expanded by Pope Benedict XVI throughout the world. Father Gabriele Amorth said that more than 300 demons are set free in his office annually. He teaches other priests about various kinds of possessions and their treatments.

2: Thieves dwell there

This region is particularly the hub of crimes the world's highest crime rate ever. Banks are not being robbed or it's not that thieves roam around randomly. However, the situation gets worse because there are no proper court and only one judge to look into all the maters. Most of the laws are adopted from the Italy.

3: Weird confessions

The local priests have a different logical explanation many times even for the simplest sins, they fail to forgive. In contrast, many times, they simply absolve for the sickest crimes like murders they have made 5 sins which need to get forgiveness from Apostolic Penitentiary. Interestingly, out of the 5 sins, 3 are those who can only be committed by the ministry of the church. It can involve any kind of sin, like sexuality, participation in the abortion and breaking other laws, and then you have to seek mercy from the Penitentiary.

4: Pope indulges into texting

During the era of Pope Benedict XVI, the frequency of spreading text messages around the world, to all of his homilies was a common practice. Also, Vatican supported in launching an exclusive YouTube channel where most of their preaching's and ceremony were shared with the masses. The growth did not stop, as they invested in the iPhone app too the app could be translated into multiple languages and it promoted the prayers from the holy book and related stuff. Two months before the resignation from the Benedict, he made a Twitter account so that he can remain in touch with his people. In addition, the Vatican craze for technology did not cease at any time they fought with the climatic conditions by adding solar panels at the roof of the auditorium where the Pope Paul VI dwelled.

5: Faith-based economics

As mentioned before, the country has a flexible and lot of budget for its operations. It is said that approximately, 100 million dollars is spent per annum on the country's operations. Majorly, the financial responsibilities include:

Performing and managing the international committee
Traveling around the world (for the clergy and the ministry)
Maintenance of parish, temples and related areas
Donations a large amount is given to schools, health care centers and the Church.

The inflow of the money is certainly a big question mark everyone wants to know from where these sectors are being facilitated. Vatican receives large sums from the Catholics and gets donations too, they also earn a lot from the collection plates. They earn through tourism too they have a rich culture after all.However, the conditions did not remain the same always. The dollar saturated in 2007, thus the country was effected too. The purchasing power declined, and at the same time progress in the Vatican local newspaper declined to. It was known as L'Osservatore Romano Benedict Pope asked the editor to make it more readable and introduce other stories along with the religious markups.

6: Latin terms ATM effected too:The Vatican is the only country in the world, which facilitates banking in the Latin terms transactions can be done in Latin terms. It shows their devotion to the language previously, none of the Pope was so serious about the promotion of the Latin language. However, Pope Benedict had something towards the revival of the Latin in the country because some of the popes spoke Polish too.