I was asked to teach this extremely dim-witted fellow, Smuelovitch, to
use a condom properly. Smuelovitch was totally incompetent and his
caretakers didnt want him to have any children. He was recently
sexually active and needed to know how to use a rubber.

I said
"after you get excited you put this rubber on your dick like this."
Then I placed the rubber on my two fingers, showing him how to roll it
down. "Then you go ahead and have intercourse. After you cum, you
remove the rubber and throw it away."

He said that he understood.

Two months later I met with Smuelovitch and asked him how his sex life was.
said, "Oh it's great! I've been having sex with several women and, of
course, I use a rubber just like you showed me. When I get a hard-on I
put the rubber on my fingers and then I fuck her."

copyright 2004 Dr.Wacko's emissions