Dear Dr. Whacko:
I don't know whether you are familiar with
the Kama Sutra, but my partner and I tried position #89. I injured my
spine and now have major chiropractic expenses. Do you think I should
sue Mr. Sutra?
---Laid up after getting laid.

Dear Laid Up:
There is no Mr. Sutra to sue. We all engage in sex at our own risk.
You didn't mention whether your partner was also injured.

Dear Dr. Whacko:

No, my partner was fine. She was a very healthy and sturdy sheep who
seemed to enjoy the experience and followed me around for several days.

Dear Laid Up:

You did #89 with a sheep? That is sick!!.
With sheep you have to stick to positions #67 and #48.

P.S. Please send me a photo of your sheep.