" Ya say ya want a revolution…"

John Lennon felt the pulse of the common folks when he penned the opening line to one of my favorite songs. He felt that throbbing pulse in England, Europe, America, and probably globally! It may have been John's keen sensitivity, or just a clue to the unrest rampant among the world's youth. Lately, I wonder where our kids today get those crazy ideas they have. Could be, they get those ideas from crazy places, just like my peeps did, way back in the sixties. Like, from guys like John Lennon! Could be.

But, from where they get the ideas doesn't matter, only that they get those ideas!

On the home fires of many, many countries, rebellion is cooking tonight. It has been for weeks! Tons of oppressed and repressed citizens have revolution on their lips, and I think they like it! Especially in Tunisia and Egypt! In fact, I know they liked it!

Watch for this: Rebellions and revolutions don't respect borders! Not at all! What seemed to begin in North Africa could spread to Tehran, Iran or Madison, Wisconsin USA! Imagine that. Revolution could even spread all the way to Beijing, China. By the way, that communist government is gearing itself up to use violence against its protestors again. They must be getting real nervous.

Hey everybody!!…China is getting NERVOUS!! SO, EVERYBODY RUN!! HIDE!! There's no telling what they might do! Where's that guy who stood in front of that tank in Tiennamen Square?? Maybe He'll save us!! China is NERVOUS!!

In Tunisia, a despondent man who couldn't find a job burned himself to death in public. That and a WikiLeaks release of diplomatic cables from America showing their dictator's disdain sparked a frustrated public to riot in the streets. The public demanded change. After ten days, the disgraced Benali regime resigned and fled like scalded dogs to Saudi Arabia.

Pro-democracy groups and advocates are almost giddy with the news of so many
Autocrats and dictators feeling the stinging pinch of grass root revolts. The Simson Center's President, Ellen Laipson, applauds these distant and disgruntled citizens for using the American toolbox to gain liberty and freedom. Ms. Laipson calls them "wannabe democrats! "

In Egypt, it's been two years since Barak Obama gave his famous speech in Cairo. Coincidence? I don't think so. Youth and labor seem to be a viable combination! A 24-year-old man leaving an Internet cafe in Alexandria died from a vicious police beating after trying to upload his proof of their corruption. Another young Egyptian, an executive with Google, used that Facebook thingy to make sure the world would get to hear the truth.

Then, a 26-year-old woman posted her YouTube video inviting all concerned to join the mob in Liberty Square. A lot of yelling ensued! Eighteen days later, when the public labor unions joined the protestors, President Hosni Mubarek, who had held His grip on power for 32 years, resigned and fled, mirroring Tunisia!

If you're keeping score, that's two down, five or six to go! You know the difference between a mature democracy, and an immature one? Gunplay and murder!

In Lybia, which The United Nations created in 1951, Moammar Gadhafi has been in control for forty-one years. Many roaming Tripoli's streets say Moammar is addicted to power, and they want to have an intervention! Considering his involvement in the
bombing of a jet over Lockerby, Scotland, this bad boy has few friends. Call the Swiss! Hide his money, and he'll go quietly! Protestors already hold the Bengali half of the country! Change may come quickly, but I think much blood will be spilt!

But, clearly despots are dropping like dominoes!

In Manama, Bahrain, there's nowhere to run. Literally! Bahrain is an island in The Persian Gulf, south of the Arabia Sea, west of Qatar and east of Saudi Arabia. There is one very lengthy bridge running to the Saudi peninsula, but " No infidels " please!

The long ruling Halifa family sits uneasily on its Sunni throne over a majority Shia majority that is protesting daily. Complicating things, it's also the overseas home of The U.S Navy's Fifth Fleet. America's Afghani operations are based here! Tell the aging Emir to stop shooting his people!

If Headmaster Ali Abdallah Saleh panics over another WikiLeaks release and uses his war planes to bomb and strafe his people again, he better hang on to his hat…and his head!
In Saudi Arabia, (the very most conservative nation in the region) The House of Saud insists that King Abdullah doesn't allow protesting! So far, no one is arguing, or protesting.

In Sanaa, Yemen, is it peaceful? Not so much! Yemen, reunited only in 1992, has an internal insurgency in the south combined with a sectarian revolt in the north. This is flavored by Osama bin Laden's outposts to entice a population whose average age is under thirty! What could go wrong here? If Headmaster Ali Abdallah Saleh panics over another WikiLeaks release and uses his war planes to bomb and strafe his people again, he better hang on to his hat…and his head!

By the way, how many of you heard that South Sudan voted for succession, and plans to do so in June, this year? What's that? Four months? No problem!

Lastly, here in the old U.S.of A. over 80,000 protestors in Madison, Wisconsin have mobbed the state capital to refute the new Tea Party Governor's plan to rescind collective bargaining for public workers! That seems pretty brave, considering the current political climate. Or pretty stupid. It's their call.

Rebellion is cooking in the air. People are mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore! Everywhere! So, do you want a revolution? Here's my recipe. But be very careful, and try to remember to cook enough for everybody! Mobs get hungry!

Lue's Recipe for Revolution!
Steps 1 to 10.

1) Go out and join some angry, repressed people.
2) Yell a lot, and build a tent city!
3) Try to stop the Internet! (I dare you!)
4) Print most of your protest signs in English!
5) Get non-violent, and be charming enough to attract the world media.
6) Sporadically mix in a government run with AK-47s
7) Stop the guy from trying to stop the Internet! (He's wasting your time.)
8) Yell a lot more! (And tell that Al Jezeera guy to chill!)
9) Simmer for 18 days!
10) Invite Oprah to visit! (She'll take care of the rest!)

Maybe you should have your smartest guys declare a constitution or something. They're just words. But, if you're looking for some really cool words, have you heard

"When, in the course of human events…"

Be careful! Good luck with your liberty! All persons deserve to be free!