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The Animal Kingdom

 article about The Animal Kingdom

Animals are intrinsically intriguing,

With their behavior,

There are many facets,

Such as the food chain and mating rituals.


The proud peacock,

The wise owl,

The agile monkey,

The sly fox.


Those which are fast and strong,

Can get their food by fair means,

Those who fall below the mark,

Have to resort to become sly and cunning.


It is the male animal who always has to initiate the mating ritual,

For most-

And most female animals are much plainer than their male partners,

But not the species of homo sapiens.


For many animal species,

Many females often destroy the male upon mating,

Either eating or attacking them,

Leaving only the female and the young.


And it is also the case of homo sapiens,

When those not as strong and fast,

Have to cheat and lie,

In the survivalist theory of the fittest.


In science, we are classified under the category of animals-

In evolution of Charles Darvin theory we are believed to have evolved from apes.

Yet, many believe humans to be supreme,

Because of high intellect and morality.


But in morality we seem sometimes not up to par,

And in the state of nature some humans have proved more vicious than other animals.

Are we animals or are we not?

The answer, perhaps, will never be known.


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