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Direction of Equivocation

 article about Direction of Equivocation

The sun rises from the East,

And sets in the West.

The West colonized East,

And now, East rises.


Russia is a European country in the East,

So too Australia and New Zealand,

And they are not really Westerners,

In the traditional capitalist function.


Muslims insurgents are always driven to the South,

North Indians are fair,

South Indians low-crass.

Fair or not?

Fair skin is superior.


North, South, East, West,

We say this in English.

East, South, West, North,

We say this in Mandarin.

And different ways,

In different languages.


Seven continents,

Five oceans.

Total twelve,

Twelve hours half a day,

Twelve months in a year.

Twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac.


Whichever direction you come from,

You can carve a niche of craft.

So good luck, my friend!

Best wishes with you!

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