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God's Word

 article about Gods Word

For Man think that they believe,

Not knowing what they do believe,

An empty talk, meetings lots,

Prayers in crisis,

When not, silence-

An unspiritual world,

Where politics take helm,

And especially business,

Where everything is pragmatic and real.


Man seeks salvation,

Mostly for himself,

Not for the world,

Or the good of Mankind.

When I am not there,

The world believes,

But when I appear,

     Dissent and disbelief lots,


A world that only believes,

In material wealth,

And most dare I say,

Do pray to God for money,

And when the feat not accomplished,

The man thus cry,

"What sort of God are you?"

When you can't even sustain me,

In my miserable life on earth.



"I can provide,"answer I.

But not in the terms you dictate,

Nor am I to be dictated.

If you will only hear me a little,

And pray a little,

You may hear me, oh,

So very near.


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