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How To Cure A Terrorist

 article about iraq police

I can't help but notice that most of the killing of Iraqi police officers and civilians is being done by MUSLIMS. Whether you want to admit it or not, fundamentalist lunatics who wish to maintain their slave driver positions in their society are killing their children, making widows and widowers. and creating the exact opposite of what they supposedly "preach".

Where are the Muslim leaders to protest this Muslim on Muslim crime? Where's the phony Louis Farakhan? Where's Jessie Jackson, this is a big media story, surely he can get big dough and publicity on this one? Why don't Muslim countries stop other Muslim leaders from terrorizing their Muslim brothers and sisters? Because it's a dog eat dog world that's why. Those who wish to maintain control over others will do anything to anyone who gets in their way of their goal. Militant Muslims who all seem to have the same genetic dysfunction justify their actions by laying the blame on the USA. Well, the USA isn't the only country that thinks ripping off people's tongues and fingers and mutilating other people is wrong. Sorry, try again.

al Zarqawri, Bin Laden and the other freaks of nature are nothing more than pimps. These maggots will whore anyone out for their own good and fuck anyone for the right price. They've conditioned the manipulated to think everyone else is to blame for the ills of "their world". If you want to know where CLASS WARFARE can lead, look over there. There's big money in creating an underclass of people and then keeping them there for the creator's gain.

American policies are not perfect; they never have been. Actually, there's no other country on Earth that can lay claim to that point either. What's really scary is the absence of Middle Eastern countries attempting to seriously step in and save their ‘brothers and sisters' from the exploiters. Instead of helping ‘family,' they look the other way. Where I come from you're a fucking coward if you don't help your own. Those people who just wish to live their lives are not allowed to because deranged sociopaths who are revered by the rest of the ill-informed want them to live it in a way that serves the enslavers' own interests.

When we see/hear the cave dwellers like Bin Laden speak, they speak to the world as if they're aliens incapable of figuring out how to live in this one.

Message number one for the Middle East: You're just another bunch of humans and there's nothing superior about you. We're all stuck here so deal with it.

At one time or another, every country has been at war with another and yet after those wars we've all found ways to live with each other. In many cases warring countries formed strong bonds after wars (See Japan, Russia, Germany, Italy, UK, China etc). However, the Middle East? There's no profit in peace for the demented. If peace ever broke out, the lunatics wouldn't be able to run the asylum any longer. The Middle East is full of people who don't know any better because they've been denied any views other than the ones of those exploiting them.

Can you imagine what bastards the western world would be if a synthetic fuel were created - negating the need for theirs? In that case, we'd really be the devil. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Also, if you think the USA is the only country dependent on foreign oil, get your head out of your ass! Every war is for oil and other things. It's for the energy that fuels economies that creates the jobs that make the money people need to eat, drink and be merry. Last time I checked EVERY COUNTRY IS GUILTY OF THIS (if you consider it a guilt). The only people exploiting the Middle East are the leaders who live high on the hog while they throw crumbs at their peasants. It's those people who are fed the crumbs who are angry and blame the rest of the world.

Message number two for the Middle East:

Try blaming your own leaders for a change, they're the ones living off on your dime as they enjoy the fruits of the Western World (music, TV, cars, bling-bling, etc.) while they preach to you the evils of it all. HYPOCRISY AT IT'S BEST!

The only similarities between the world of a terrorist and ours seems to be their appetite for sex. Men will do anything to get laid here on Earth, but in their world?... They seem to have taken it to a whole new level.

I think it's painfully obvious that terrorists are undersexed. They're all told that if they light themselves up like a cat with an M80 in its ass that they'll get like 72 chicks that ain't been shagged yet.

So the question the world asks is: How Do You Stop Terrorists?

Simple, get ‘em laid!

If you start gettin' these guys laid more they're bound to find out that it's a lot more fun with a freak here on Earth than a virgin in some Paradise. Virgins are overated anyways! I think it's time to increase porn exports to caves all over the Middle East.

You Ring, I Bring!

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