N.Y. Times
Overt forms of racism have gone down since the 50s, but subtle forms of racism are the new, common form of racism.

I gave my tv to my black buddy from a nearby county which is about 75% black. He came to my home in a white neighborhood. He came into my house and picked up the tv and carried it to his Jeep and put it in his Jeep.

Later, he joked to me....
"You know Steve, when people in this neighborhood see a Black dude putting a tv in their car, they probably assume that he's stealing it."

Sadly true. Subtle, modern racism.

Most working class whites would make this racist assumption without any guilt. (honest response)

Some liberals would notice their reaction...think it is wrong, feel guilty, dislike their reaction and not admit it to others.

Other liberals would have this subtly racist thought though it would be unconscious.

In modern America, we like to think that racism is a thing of the past.

Not so. Just more subtle.


NY Times

A proposal for a study of racism.

In the city or suburbs, people see a black male chasing a white male.

In another condition everything all things are equal except there is a white male chasing a black male.

1) When a white is chasing a black, most whites will assume that the black has done something wrong.
2) When a black man is chasing a white guy, most whites will assume that the white guy is innocent and is fleeing so he will not be hurt etc.
3) These racial biases are present among conservatives, moderates, liberals and leftists. How would black people react to these settings? Many working class blacks said they would make the same assumptions as whites but maybe in lower percentages of bias.