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Mr. Cohen:

Excellent piece in today's Post.

Very few journalists have the courage to broach the topic of certain groups having a greater rate of violence. ... (but, as a clinician who worked in the inner city, I would point out that white kids would have the same rates of violence if they grew up there. It's not race. It's the environment.)

Fear and expectations due to rates of behavior is different from prejudice. "Pre," means "before (the fact)." Fear due to stats is after the fact.

Psychologists assert, based on data: "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior."

Note: I have a black friend who said if he saw some Black kids with hoodies and chains etc. he would be afraid and cross the street to avoid them as well.
Stats/data, not bias.

You are right.
I makes no sense to frisk a disabled grandmother in a wheelchair yet skip a lady or possibly a man in a burkha for the sake of political correctness.

Certainly, the Israelis know better and know that Arabs are more likely to be dangerous than Israelis, which explains their success in such matters. Experience and data. They still check everyone thoroughly.

Security and protection of life must trump political correctness. After the mass murder in Norway, as a matter of principal and not to let the massacre change the openness principle of their
society, the President declared defiantly that he would continue to have minimal protection in public (one body guard or none).

Political correctness at the expense of safety, was more important to the Prime Minister.

Your honesty trumped acceding to the norms of 95% of journalists.

(Although I cringe when I hear the Fox News shills for conservative Republican ideas, I have seen Hannity and O'Reilly have no fear to be politically incorrect. Also Juan Williams)

It was Hannity who correctly pointed out that there was no clear evidence that Zimmerman was guilty and that he was found guilty by the public and media not based on facts.

Our core concept: "innocent until found guilty." continue to "be strong and of good courage."

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