Finding ways to save money is something most people have in common. The good news is that even if you think you are already doing everything you can to reduce your monthly expenses, there are some creative ways that can use to reduce your bills even more. Most companies want to keep you on if you are a loyal customer. With a quick phone call, you may just be able to lower your current bill without giving up any of the extras you enjoy.  

Many people just accept that their monthly bill is what it is and, unless they cancel the service, there really isn't any way to reduce the cost. This is simply not true. Take, for instance, your cable bill. You probably have a lot of extra channels that you don't watch and maybe the ones you do want aren't even included. Services like Directv are always in the market to not only bring in new clients but also to maintain their current base. This benefits you, the consumer. If you contact them and bundle your television with your internet you automatically save on your existing cable bill. Also, if you stress that the bill is too high they will work with you to reduce your bill and accommodate you rather than lose you to a competitor. 

Services you can save on monthly

Insurance companies are also offering similar deals. By combining several services such as a homeowner's, auto, life or renter's insurance policy you receive a discounted rate. It's a winning strategy for both sides. You receive services at a discounted rate and they bring in a new policy. Banks are now catching on to the benefits of this strategy. They too now offer free checking if you use them for your business, a savings account, a mortgage or personal loan. For you, this can save $10.00 a month off your expenses instantly just for the checking account fee alone. 

Bundling services aside from the house bills

The bundling of services to save money is not something new, yet many people aren't aware that there are other services aside from your house bills that this applies to as well. If you are taking prescription medications and you refill them once a month, changing the prescription to a three-month refill will save you on the cost of the deductible. Instead of three deductibles now you only have one. Another way to save is on traveling. If you frequently stay in hotels for your business, many of the chains now have rewards programs where if you stay so many times the next visit is free. Over the course of a year, this can save you hundreds of dollars that you can use for other expenses. This holds true for large retail stores as well. Many of the bulk food warehouses charge a yearly fee to purchase items. However, if you have a growing family or business the savings well offset the cost of the membership. 

In addition to saving on groceries with coupons and loyalty rewards programs, there is yet another way to put a few extra dollars in your pocket each year. Large companies are finding clever ways to bring in new clients without having to do any advertising. Some are now using their existing clients who are happy with their service to do this for them. They do this by offering a one-time sum of money for referring a friend or family member. The small amount they give out guarantees them a new client for a year. In the end, you benefit from having this person sign on and the company gains a new client. 

Almost anyone can reduce their monthly expenses. All you need to do is spend a few hours of your time and comb through your bills. A few dollars here and there may not seem like a lot but, when you add them together you may just find that with the savings combined you can enjoy some time off without spending any additional money. Sticking to a budget becomes a part of your life and if you take the time to watch over your expenses, you'll find you have time left over to enjoy living.