Although Christmas is now over for another year, an online voucher code retailer has been investigating the benefits of spreading the cost of Christmas, starting now. They have found that 44% of Brits started some sort of Christmas shopping for this year on Boxing Day, looking to find savings on products such as decorations, cards and gift wrap as well as gifts for the following year.

For Many people, January will see credit card statements maxed out with Christmas spending needing to be paid off rolling in. So it might seem an odd time to think about next Christmas before you have even paid of last year's. However an online voucher code retailer has found starting early does have its benefits.
Continuing their research into saving families money, surveyed 2,358 Brits over the age of 18 and asked them: "Would you consider buying anything in the Boxing Day sales for next Christmas?" 44% of those surveyed said that they would. The most popular items those surveyed were wanting to buy were: Clothing i.e. festive jumpers, toys, cards/gift wrap, decorations and none perishable gifts. The majority (70%) of those surveyed stated that saving money was the main reason behind starting early, with 40% wanting to be organised and 20% wanting to save time.

Money saving tips


Throughout the year we are bombarded with a sale of some sort, whether it's the traditional seasonal sales such as winter, summer or mid-season sales, there are plenty of opportunities to pick things up for less. In addition, in the run up to Christmas we Brits now also have Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offering huge discounts on items perfect for festive gifts.


Vouchers and voucher codes are handy for shopping, perhaps when items are not in the sale. Many outlets run different voucher codes throughout the year whether it's for money off specific items, or signing up for mailing lists. In addition vouchers from stores, given in exchange for products, as a gift or after a purchase are also handy to keep. Just because you can't find something for yourself with a voucher does not mean you won't be able to find a Christmas gift for someone.

Savings accounts

Setting aside a specific amount each month for Christmas into a savings account will mean you won't have to spend all your November and December salary on Christmas. It also means that you don't have to rack up credit cards bills and pay interest, instead by saving money you will gain interest!


Keeping track of who you have to buy for, who you have bought for and also how much you have been spending will help you keep on top of costs, when buying throughout the year. It will also stop you from over buying or making unnecessary purchases.

Top super savers share their tips

Lindsay from Newcastle who offers money saving tips on her website explains why she starts shopping early.
I started shopping early for Christmas this year as I am normally really un-organised and leave everything to the last minute but now I have three children and have given up work I knew I had to be more organised this year. I started shopping in January for toys for my children that were half price and I have been buying toys for them when I see them on offer. And now I have finished my shopping for my little two.

She added:
My money saving tips are to start early and try and get as many things as you can while they are on offer, or reduced. I also take advantage of deals like the Argos and Boots 3 for 2 toy events. I also save my Tesco Clubcard points into their Christmas saving scheme and then double my points up at Christmas and use this for Christmas presents (I had 50 to spend this year). I put 2-3 a week on a supermarket saving card each week too when I buy my groceries and this pays for my Christmas food shop.

Tanya from explained what she was planning on buying:
I buy the gift sets from Boots, and any toys I can find, as well as wrapping paper etc. I put it away for next Christmas, as having 4 children Christmas is an expensive time for me, so any money I can save I will - it also helps if I buy throughout the year, starting as soon as Boxing day, as it eases the cost come the following winter.

Mark Pearson founder of MyVoucherCodes discussed the research, he said:
Christmas can be expensive, but our research shows it doesn't have to be. Spreading the costs throughout the year alleviates the pressure families find themselves under during November and December. Many retailers seem to have sales on all year round, with a lot starting before Christmas Day now, so you can pick up bargains throughout the year, not just in the weeks before Christmas.

He added
We like to ensure people can get the best deals possible, but also making sure they also don't over extend themselves just for one day of the year. Our tips show organisation is key to saving money as well as being a savvy shopper. Planning for Christmas throughout the year can save families quite a lot of money, means when it comes to Christmas next year you have less to buy and it can really help spread out the cost.