Making money on the side is something most of us could use. Even if it's just a hundred here or hundred there, if you can produce it every month, it always helps to get some additional money in your pocket...or let's be honest, often just some extra money you can happily leave in your favorite bar. How to do it is already another matter.

Each of us has their own set of skills, their own set of friends, their own set of interests, and of course, their own set of contacts where this opportunity to make money on the side could actually come from. For me, I sometimes help a friend of mine with doing some customer support for his company. It doesn't bring in much money, but it definitely helps with a few additional beers every month. The main thing that I like about it - it gives me something extra, I can help out a friend, and at the same time it doesn't actually require too much extra time from me. Which means that it doesn't bother me with my main job.
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If you're a football fan, and watching it all the time anyhow, and I do know there's at least 50/50 chance you're one of those people (based on my own experience, roughly 80% of the people I know are pretty big fans). And if you're watching it all the time, you're probably already aware of a thing or two about it, and you could consider turning this into a money making venture on the side. Couple of friends of mine are actually working in Malta as sports traders, and at the same time they are also doing some betting on the side to earn some extra money for beer, for travelling, for...well, whatever else imaginable.

 article about Making money on the side with football
Obviously sports betting is not easy, or at least making some worthwhile money from it isn't. As with everything, you first need to learn about the trade bit to be comfortable. If I would be doing the betting, I would probably be a loser. Mainly because I have no interest in sports, nor am I too good in maths. However, if You are a football, or sports fan in general, and you don't mind doing some learning/reading, and some maths on the side, you could easily do some sports betting on to make some extra money.

Obviously, you should first really learn the topic to know which are good odds and which are not (and it has often nothing to do with the actual favorites and not), and start with tiny amounts, just to get a hang of it first. And once you are ready to start testing your skills and see if you are able to make any money on the side with this, you should start by finding the best sites to bet at. For fantastic English football odds as well as many other types of sports you can check William Hill.

But the main thing before you start trading/betting, be sure to learn about the maths involved in it, so you can make the most of it.