Let's start with the basics - chances are that if you don't have a mortgage right now, you probably live on moon or have no home. Okay, to be more exact, you don't have your own real estate. According to statistics, two thirds of homeowners in the U.S. have a mortgage to pay. But what happens if you happen to lose your job, followed by your kids getting eaten by alligators, and your wife running away with your best friend's girlfriend? I'll be honest here, I wouldn't really know what to tell you if all of that happened. I definitely wouldn't know what to tell you about your wife or alligators. But in case of mortgage there is a way out. Believe it or not, Fifth Third Bank has a reemployment program that has helped many Joes and Janes already to get a job through the extensive NextJob search program.

Why would a bank do that? Whatever you may think of banks, the reason is easy to see here - if a bank helps their clients, their customers, find a job, everybody wins. The customer, the bank, and by the end of the day, the society in general. If you're looking for reemployement opportunities, the program might be able to help you too.

Through Fifth Third's reemployment program many people have already found a job and one of them is Randall Jackson. You can learn about his story as well as the stories of Bill and Elba below.

Disclosure: This post, in big part, was requested by Fifth Third Bank.