Everyone loves getting home from work, opening a bottle of beer and sitting back for a relaxing evening. Whether it's for after-work drinks or relaxing weekend get together's, most of us love heading down to our local pub to catch up with friends over a beer or two. But what if you could enjoy the buzz of a pub in your own home? If this sounds like your ideal situation, take a look at our tips on how to transform your garage into a welcoming at home bar!

Pick a colour scheme

The first step in your garage makeover is to decide what kind of look you want to convey in your new bar. If you're going for more of a sports bar theme, you might be better with darker shades such as greys, greens or browns. Alternatively, if you want a more modern look, paint the walls in light shades for a spacious and airy feel.

Choose your bar

There are lots of home bars out there to choose from if you'd rather purchase one readily made. If you'd like to try out some handywork, however, there are plenty of tutorials available to help you build your very own bar. This gives you the freedom to choose your favourite shade of wood to use, add your own special details, and will make hanging out in your new bar even more special!

Decorate your space

The furniture and decor you choose to include in your new bar is an important element of the room and allows the space to really come together. Choose furniture such as bar stools, sofas and lighting that stands out to you and that you feel reflects the space well, keeping comfort in mind. Other small details such as rugs and artwork can add that finishing touch to your bar and give it an extra welcoming feel.

Stock up on booze

Perhaps the most important part of all, make sure you stock up on enough booze to actually fill your bar! Put up shelves behind the bar area where you can display bottles of spirits, and get yourself a minibar fridge to keep all your beers nice and cold. To make things extra authentic, create a DIY cocktail menu for your guests to select their drink of choice!

Supply the entertainment

To turn your bar into the ultimate hangout, think about what you can bring into the space for a bit of entertainment. This could mean hanging a TV on one of the walls, buying a pool table or setting up a games console area. If your space is on the smaller side, simple board games and packs of cards can provide a good pass-time and are something the whole family can enjoy.