A friend of mine, every time he goes out, it takes him in the range of 2 to 3 hours to get ready. And yes, you heard me right, it's a HE. I've always considered the possibility that he's simply slow, forgetful (possibly about the fact that he promised to come out in the first place), and time...space...you know, these things don't matter to him too much, if he knows anything about them at all, that is.
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But then again, there's also the possibility that he's simply not able to decide what to wear. That's possible. Unfortunately. Especially if deciding such things, and let me repeat, for MEN, takes 2-3 hours. After all, if you really care too much about your looks, you might spend five minutes deciding on the answer for each of the questions like...

What colour should I wear?
And the color, obviously, depends on the year, the season...and talking about the season, is it spring right now? Or is it still considered winter? Or maybe, based on the weather, has the winter even started yet? And once you actually do manage to decide on what season it is, we still need to come up with the correct color. It's difficult, you know. And, now to think about it, that's far from being a 5-minute question, that's more like 50 for a slow person.

What should I wear?
Most of us have more than one option usually to choose from, well, unless you're me, who usually has 95% of the clothes waiting to be washed (and they can often wait for up to two weeks), and only a few options to actually wear. A normal person, or in this case, far from a normal person, my friend, has lots of options to choose from. Underwear - boxers or something else? Flowerish or white? Tight or not so tight? Are they comfortable at all? Or why do I need to wear underwear today? And then there's the T-shirt. Should it be V-neck or something else? Size M, or should I wear a bit bigger, size L today? And again, what color? What season did I decide on again? And once you finally make the decision, you may discover that within the past two weeks that you didn't wear the shirt, you've gotten a bit fat, and you need to start all over again.

And by the end of the choosing ritual, which, btw, actually includes loads and loads and loads of more steps than I just mentioned, you discover that you've actually gained too much weight since you went out last time and ... you don't feel comfortable in any clothes at the moment. Today, I will stay in.

But let's be honest, that doesn't make much sense at all. Even though I've done it myself as well. Usually, when I gain a few kg's I like to suffer couple of weeks with my old clothes until I get in better shape again. But wouldn't it make more sense to actually buy some more clothes, especially in just a bit more sizes? You could do that at a local store of online through shops like Mainline Menswear. Staying in shape at all times is not so easy. And most of us have our ups and downs. And even though having no bigger clothes can be a good motivator to start losing weight again, shouldn't we rather do our best to feel our best at all times? Not only when we are in shape? Well, especially, as they say, round IS a shape!

What to wear, what to wear...oh my, again my head starts spinning, I need a beer, but it's so difficult to choose the right jeans to go drinking in. You know, the huge vitamin and water consumption when you're out, it tends to change the jeans waistline requirement from the moment you go out til' the moment you come in. Huh.