A few years ago, iconic Scotch whisky brand Dewar's launched an innovative and interactive social media campaign that celebrated the extraordinary deeds of those who had committed their time to helping others. Entitled Live True, it has detailed numerous people who have succeeded in following their innate passions and inspired others to do the same. This has now been re-launched, with Dewar recently releasing a series of Live True Profiles that highlight the achievements of some of the worlds' most inspirational and yet understated characters.

These include former professional surfer Jon Rose, who after 13 years of sustained success could have been forgiven for retiring to a beach to live a relaxing and reflective existence. He chose to take another road, however, and committed to his long-standing vision of delivering clean water to impoverished regions around the world. Having developed innovative technology for filtering water and transporting this through a global distribution network, Jon's efforts reached their pinnacle when he attended the city of Padang after an earthquake the completely devastated the region. This was the birth of his Waves for Water non-profit collaboration, which has helped restore health and hygiene to millions in stricken areas.

Beyond this, Jon also serves as an example for anyone who has identified a problem and longs to implement a solution. An inspiration to others for sure, Jon is also the very embodiment of Dewar's Live True campaign.

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