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Stop Smelling Like an Ashtray. Smell like a Gentleman

 article about Stop Smelling Like an Ashtray. Smell like a Gentleman
For years we've heard that smoking is awful for you. That it stains your teeth, makes you age faster, and kills your lungs. However, some of us still smoke. Let's face it. There's something about the sensation of taking a drag and exhaling smoke that is too hard for some of us to give up.

Plus it gives you an excuse to take a break from work and a way to exit lame parties.

Whatever the reason is for you to still be smoking, there is one undeniable fact – it's going to shorten your lifespan. According to the American Lung Association there are about 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 69 of which cause cancer, and 8.6 million people have a least one serious illness caused by smoking.

So how do you quit smoking when you love it? Vaping.

Now before you sneer, and click the next post, hear me out. You don't have to have one of those giant clarinet vaporizers to benefit from vaping. There are sleek, stylish e-cigarettes and vaporizers, and a vaping starter kit can get you everything you need without having the hassle of trying to customize your own vaping experience.

You'll Still Enjoy the Smoking Experience
First and foremost, vaping is good because you still get to smoke. One of the reasons people struggle to quit traditional cigarettes is because they simply miss the action of smoking and are triggered by other smokers. With vaping, you don't have to give up the sensation of smoking. You still get to pick up a cigarette, have a drag, and join the smoker's circle outside.

You Won't Smell.
Most smokers will agree that although they love smoking, they hate the lingering smell. Your clothes reek, the smell lingers on your hands and in your hair, and it makes you feel gross. Because vaporizers and e-cigs don't have the tobacco and the same chemicals as cigarettes, they don't cause the lingering smell. You can even fill them with different flavors that can cause them to produce sweeter fragrances.

You're Teeth Won't Stain.
The tar and ash in cigarettes adhere to your teeth and stain them a nasty yellow color. Because vaping doesn't produce ash or tar, your teeth don't acquire stains. So not only will you be able to avoid buying Crest White Strips, but you'll be able to avoid a whole host of other oral hygiene problems caused by smoking including plaque build-up and bad breath by vaping.

You'll Get Your Nicotine Fix.
Sure, those who love smoking typically enjoy the motions of the activity, but nicotine is what keeps us coming back. With vaping, you can still enjoy your nicotine fix, and you can gauge just how much nicotine you wish to intake.

You'll Rebuild Your Health
Although the side effects of vaping are still to be determined, nearly every medical professional backs vaping over traditional cigarette smoking. Smoking tobacco is linked to oral cancers, throat cancer, lymphoma, heart disease, and countless other diseases and ailments. Vaping isn't, and may be a healthier alternative to smoking.

With vaping, you get to smoke. You save money. You get to keep your health. Seems like a great trade off.

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