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5 Reasons You Havenít Achieved Your Fitness Goals Despite Trying Hard

 article about 5 Reasons You Havenít Achieved Your Fitness Goals Despite Trying Hard

It is totally frustrating when you have done everything you possibly could to lose weight, but you still haven't achieved your goal. You always hit the gym and carefully select the kind of food you eat. Don't feel frustrated though. There are still things that you can do to turn things around. You just have to take a look at these reasons and perhaps you can make the necessary adjustments.

1. Proper timing when eating

You need to know exactly when to eat and what to eat at that exact time. To begin with, not eating is definitely not an option. You might lose weight, but you could also get ill along the way. You also have to make sure that you eat carbs only during the day. You need it when you have to gain strength before hitting the gym. At night, you have to stick with proteins and vegetables. Avoid anything that is processed because it is difficult to digest and could get stuck in your body as fat.

2. Eating in huge amounts

You might also have the tendency to eat less amount of food during the day and make it up during the night. It is better if you eat in small quantities throughout the day or distribute the amount of food that you eat to avoid feeling hungry, especially at night. Don't feel good that you have eaten less during lunch when you will just make it up for what you have lost for dinner.

3. Doing cardio only

There is nothing wrong in using the treadmill. Cardio must be a part of your exercise. The problem is when you spend too much time on the treadmill. Take note that cardio is not necessarily for weight loss. It is good for the heart and blood flow. Overdoing it would cause you to lose lean muscles. You need them for faster metabolism.

4. Not doing weights

The key to losing weight is to have muscle mass. It is important that you do weights because they help build bigger muscles. There is no point in going to the gym when you don't use the dumbbells or you just stick with the more simple exercise equipment.

5. Not maximizing your time in the gym

How many hours do you usually spend in the gym? You might say 2 to 3 hours. The question is, do you make the most out of your time? Perhaps, you stay longer because you spend more talking with your friends or just taking selfies. You hit the gym not because you want to lose weight, but to simply say that you are doing something. Take note that losing weight is not about who stays in the gym the longest. It is about what you do during a specific period of time. You might just be there for 30 minutes, but you make use of your time for intense workout techniques. It is way better than sitting for an hour and using the cardio for 30 minutes.

You need to do the necessary changes if you want to see the positive effects in your body. You will remain the same if you don't make a conscious effort to adjust. You should also not feel frustrated just because you don't see the effects that you want. This is why it is called a workout because you have to work things out before the results will go your way. Rest assured, it will happen in due time.

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