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Smart health making health and wellbeing a fun, interesting and vital part of everyday life

 article about Smart health  making health and wellbeing a fun, interesting and vital part of everyday life

We all strive to be healthy, whether we actually recognize and admit it or not. We all strive to feel the best we can at all times and the way to do it is to take a care of yourself, to be healthy, to live a healthy lifestyle. To make it just a bit easier, a global health service company, Cigna, and global leader in electronics, Samsung, are now offering the next generation of smart health coaching service called Coach by Cigna. It's offered as a part of Samsung's S Health, which is a Samsung platform initiative to help users collect as well as integrate health information using their smartphones and new Samsung Gear devices. It offers its users an easy way to make health improvements as part of their everyday lives.

"Samsung has become the leader in the global smartphone market because of its rich technology, communication and entertainment capabilities," said Cigna Vice President of Consumer Information Technology, Eric Consolazio. "By introducing Coach by Cigna to the Galaxy S5, we add a new dimension that can connect Samsung users around the world with our lifestyle and motivational expertise -- anywhere, any time -- and help them to meaningfully improve their personal health, wellbeing and lives."

Coach by Cigna offers the users their personal lifestyle improvement plan. It has been built on the experiences and knowledge of Cigna's own experts such as health coaches, nutritionists, behavior specialists and nurses.

Even though neither S Health or Coach by Cigna is meant to substitute proper medical care by physicians, they can help you a lot towards improving your everyday lifestyle, so why not check them out.

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