article about Extreme Dating: 5 of the best

Think of the all the dates you've experienced and what comes to mind? Perhaps clusters of stifled conversation in a noisy bar? Maybe regrets of an Italian restaurant as you messily sucked up that spaghetti? Or possibly, an awkward 2 hours of a not so ‘fantastic' superhero film at the cinema? If you relate to any of the above, then maybe you should try a different tactic; maybe you should try ‘extreme dating'!

Extreme dating is anything that gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline fizzing away. Going through something wildly fun and thrilling on a first date may help you bond with your potential partner and you will enjoy recalling the first quirky date story to countless future grandchildren, so let's have a look at 5 of the best:

Skydiving (!)

When written down, skydiving (!) should always be followed with an exclamation mark. As soon as anyone reveals a story of skydiving (!) it turns the heads of everyone at the table as gripping memories are shared. Just imagine it, there you are, the two of you, you've met for the 1st time an hour ago, you're sitting on a plane 14,000 feet into the giddy stratosphere. The adrenaline is sky high and you both have a strange person attached by ropes to your backs. After you have argued which one will be jumping out of the plane first, envisage the pure bliss and the freedom you will both feel as you fall through the clouds, madly waving at each other as you're surrounded by nothing but bits of pure blue sky. After going through all of that together, if you don't swap numbers when you reach solid ground, then it's safe to say that you probably weren't meant to be.

Bungee Jumping

 article about Extreme Dating: 5 of the best

Bungee jumping offers up the same emotions and exhilaration that Skydiving (!) offers. It's just as terrifying, as the prospect of being squashed by hard ground is a genuine danger of both pastimes. Firstly, you're securely strapped to a body harness and secondly, you're flung off of a bridge of some sort. It's not the epitome of romance but the key here is to probably do what's known as a ‘tandem' bungee jump, this way you can be chucked off a 300ft height, together! A safe yet stimulating experience and a great talking point at the pub afterwards!

Quad Biking

 article about Extreme Dating: 5 of the best

Fancy staying on the ground? Okay then. Quad Biking is for those who take 3 sugars in their hot beverage, for those who go out on a ‘school night' and for those who like to turn things up to ten! Picture yourself sitting on a Quad; your helmet and safety gear is all strapped on, you're seconds from speeding off and you're revving the powerful engines, egging each other on! Then picture the mud and dirt and dust swirling about as you ride around and get back to nature! If you're thinking of extreme dating and love a bit of healthy competition, then this may be the one for you!

White Water Rafting

 article about Extreme Dating: 5 of the best

The great thing about this one is that you will be forced to work together, however much you dislike each other at first! You're sat in a boat with a lifejacket and helmet strapped on and you're each given a paddle. The rest is up to you! Now as this is about extreme dating, this won't involve lazily bobbing along the beautiful briny sea, this is all about diving in, riding the waves and avoiding the rocks! Of course, safety folk will be at hand to guide you through the aggressive waters, so you can enjoy all the good, wet fun, without having to concern yourself with all of the dangerous bits! Packages can also include canoeing and kayaking.

Hot Air Ballooning

 article about Extreme Dating: 5 of the best

Getting back into the sky, a Hot Air Balloon ride may slightly less risky than the rest, but by all means it still hold that sense of adventure and thrilling scenery. Also, as a first date, unlike the others mentioned, it evokes a spluttering of romance. You'll drive up to a wide-open grassy space and after a brief chat about safety and the balloon, a crew member will start up the majestic fires and after you climb into what is essentially a wicker basket, you will be whisked up into the sky! Hot air balloons travel with the wind, so to add to the excitement, you won't know exactly where you will be taken, the weather decides for you. Packages can include champagne and a small picnic as you fly over terrific bird-eye scenes of towns and cities below you. This is like a real life version of zooming in on Google maps. Beware though, if this is a first date and you are swept away by the adventure and romance swirling around the basket that holds you, then don't ask to swap numbers until you after you land, because if it's a no, you will be stuck in a small basket 700 feet above the ground with only the balloon captain to talk to!

If all this seems a little too much or if you want to find a partner to have that extreme date with, you should probably check out online dating.